Clarity~ Book Review

by Kim Harrington
read April 2011

Advance Reader Copy
Published by Point an imprint of Scholastic
Genre~ Young Adult/Teen Fiction, Mystery/Paranormal
ISBN~ 978 0 545 23050 6
Source~ Amazon Vine Review Program


Clarity Fern, aka Clare, is a teen girl growing up in the tourist town of Eastport. Unlike most teens though, Clare and her entire family are labeled as freaks. In this case, their taunts hold some value. Clare, her mother, and her brother perform psychic readings for tourists. Clare is a psychic, her mother a telepath, and her brother is a medium.

Something sinister is happening in Eastport.  A tourist turns up dead.  The mayor is willing to do whatever it takes to find the killer, including enlisting the help of Clare, his son, Justin, and Gabriel Toscano, the son to the hot shot new detective from New York.

Overall this book surprised me.  I was expecting to not get into it at all but I really enjoyed it.  The story didn’t have a lot of crazy subplots that distracted from the main plot.  The writing style flowed well from page to page.  Some things I didn’t like though.  I found the premise a bit unbelievable.  I mean I understand it is about psychics and mediums and whatnot, but the idea that the police would indulge these teens in leading their own investigation was unbelievable to me.  I loved the main character.  She was smart and witty without being over confident and unlikeable.  The balance was nicely done.  The author was able to capture her awkwardness in dealing with her gift of psychic visions and the repercussions this brought her at school and around town, with a girl who was intelligent and funny who didn’t let it all get to her.

The romantic sub-stories were well-written.  The author really portrayed the conflicted feelings of the main character.  The ending, however, left too many questions unanswered for my liking.  I did some digging, and found out that book #2, Perception, is due out March 2012.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and will pick up the sequel when it comes out.


Click to visit the author’s website.


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