Best in Show~ Guest Book Review

Please welcome my friend, Lauren Winnett, as a guest blogger.

Best in Show
by Laurien Berenson
Rating- 6/10

The plot is not easily visible like so many other mysteries, but the reader has to have some basic interest in dog shows of course they would have to, to pick it up. The book can give a novice a general idea of what happens at a dog show the good and the bad.

The story line is gossipy and filled with little twists and comical instances of parenthood relationships and dog shows.  Dog lovers will enjoy and dog event goers will hold in high esteem as they can easily see friends & enemies in some of the faces illustrated in this books pages. They seem to combat myths and superstitions of dog ownership and give pointers to people that own dogs. All in all, an excellent read but may lose people who are not interested in canines.


~ by jennifermorrill on April 20, 2011.

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