The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 14

“Fool Me Once”
Original air date: February 11, 2010 on The CW

Quantrell Colbert/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Episode Synopsis
I’ve been anxiously awaiting this episode and I have to say, although it answered a lot of questions, it wasn’t as good as last weeks.  It was pretty good though.

Last week Elena and Bonnie were both kidnapped.  This week, Elena wakes up in Ben and Anna’s room and attempts to sneak out.  Of course Ben, being a vampire, has far superior senses and catches her.  He attempts to use compulsion on her, but doesn’t realize she is wearing vervain.  Elena tricks him and them attempts to escape, only to run into Anna.  She immediately throws her into the bathroom where Elena finds Bonnie knocked out cold in the tub.

Stefan begs Damon to help him find Elena.  Damon is busy pouring over Emily’s old spellbook.  Stefan tries to apologize for everything he has ever done to Damon and although Damon says, “apology accepted”, he goes on to tell Stefan, “I mean this sincerely. I hope. Elena. Dies.” 

Elena tends to Bonnie in the bathtub until she comes to.  They start to talk, but Elena hushes her, motioning to her ears indicating that the vampires can hear them.  She then turns on the tap.  Surely it can’t be that simple….can it?  Elena knows that they need a witch to open the tomb so this must be why they have kidnapped Bonnie, but why her?  Ben bursts into the room and explains that they have Elena to make Bonnie help them.  He drags Elena out to talk to Anna.  You know, despite being a supposedly evil vampire, I really like Anna.

Quantrell Colbert/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Caroline, Matt, and Tyler are all at the grill talking about some party a “douche” named Duke who goes to Duke is hosting.  Jeremy is there listening in and snickering to himself.  Caroline tells Matt she has prepared a speech.  She is offering him an “out” of their relationship.  She doesn’t want things to be weird.  He declines the out.

Damon shows up at Bonnie’s grandma’s house.  She is very abrupt with him and she tells him to get off of her porch.  He tells her to “step outside her house and say that” to his surprise and mine she does and Damon begins to grab his head in pain.  She says, “I am not Bonnie. Don’t mess with me.”  Go Grams!

Elena and Anna are talking.  Elena thinks Anna wants to get Katherine out of the tomb too.  Anna explains that it is Katherine’s fault her mother is trapped in the tomb.  Anna is obviously quite bitter.  She says that Katherine just couldn’t help herself and had to toy with both of the Salvatore brothers.  Because of this they all got caught.  Anna tells Elena her purpose is purely leverage.  She uses Elena’s phone to call Stefan.  She says either Stefan or Damon needs to meet her in the town square.  She leaves Ben in charge of the two girls but cautions him to beware.  Elena asks for water, but then hands it to Bonnie who then throws it at Ben, turning it into fire.  Wow that was a long run-on sentence.  Bonnie makes it out the door but Ben extinguishes the flames and grabs Elena before she can make it out the door.  Bonnie reluctantly returns and locks the door.

Anna is on her way to the town center when Jeremy runs up to her.  He invites her to Duke the Douche’s party.  He tells Anna he likes her even though she is “strange and lurky”.  She says it sounds cool and she will meet him there.  Damon appears on the bench next to her.  Anna explains that she has the witch and Damon has the spellbook.  They need to work together.  Reluctantly, Damon agrees to meet her later.

Ben is taunting the girls in the room when Stefan bursts through the door and opens the windows.  Ben doesn’t have a magic ring so the sunlight would kill him.  Stefan tells him when the sun goes down he’d better leave town or Stefan will kill him.

Bonnie’s grandma was the one who was able to find the girls by using a locator spell.  Stefan brings the girls back to grandma’s house.  Elena comes to the realization that Damon will open the tomb with or without them and the only way they are going to be safe is to voluntarily help him.  Reluctantly, Grams agrees.  She tells Stefan he needs to help Damon get out Katherine and then he must kill the rest of the vampires by burning them.  Elena decides it is her that must go talk to Damon.

Anna returns to the room and is pissed.  She doesn’t have anything as leverage, but she knows that Damon will find a way no matter what.  She decides to just be there when he succeeds.

Quantrell Colbert/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Elena shows up at the boarding house to talk to Damon about helping him.  He doesn’t believe her.  She takes off her vervain necklace and tells him to ask her again.  He walks over to her and puts the necklace back on her.  Without asking her, he knows she is telling the truth.  He tells her not to make him regret trusting her.

All the kids are at Duke the Douche’s party.  Elena and Damon show up to go to the tomb but Caroline sees them and grabs Matt’s hand.  Stefan, Bonnie and grams are getting everything ready for the spell at the tomb and also to kill the other vampires while they wait for Elena and Damon to show up with the spellbook.

At the party, Jeremy is looking for Anna but finds Tyler instead.  Tyler comes up to him and asks him if he has any weed.  Jeremy calls him on it and tells him he can’t be such a dick to people and then expect them to party with him.  Tyler walks off, but not without taunting Jeremy for having no friends. Anna appears and Jeremy is obviously relieved to have someone there with him.

Grams begins to cast the spell to open the tomb.  Damon pulls out a bag of blood that he says is for Katherine to “get her started”.

Jeremy and Anna have wandered away from the party.  He vaguely seems to ask her out.  Asking her to be “part of his non-scene”.   She is happy, but she declines him saying she and her mom are moving away.  He leans down to kiss her good-bye.  They share a kiss, but she pulls back and her face is all vampy.  He notices, but while he is distracted Ben comes up behind him and whacks him on the head.  Anna says she is taking him to meet her mom.

Matt and Tyler are drinking at the party and talking about Caroline.  Matt is a little weirded out by their relationship. Mostly the way she grabbed his hand when Elena showed up.  Like her ears were burning, Caroline shows up and tells him she has another speech.  Caroline says what she did was lame.  She says it wasn’t really about Elena, but Damon and that she wanted to show off that she was with the “good guy.”  He forgives her.

Bonnie and Grams cast the spell together.  It works and the door to the tomb opens.  Stefan goes to get the gasoline

Quantrell Colbert/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

and fire equipment.  Damon goes in for Katherine, but takes Elena with him.  Bonnie doesn’t want her to go, but Elena tells her it’s fine.  She knows that Damon needs assurance that they aren’t just going to close him inside.  They go off in search of Katherine. 

When Stefan gets up to the top, Anna and Ben are there with Jeremy.  Anna tells him he either stops Ben from eating Jeremy, or he stops her from getting her mother.  Anna goes down to try and find her mother.  Bonnie tries to stop her, but Grams says “let her go.”  She explains that none of them are coming back out.  The tomb was opened, but she never dropped the spell which prevented vampires from exiting.

Stefan tells Ben that Anna doesn’t actually care about him.  To her, he is disposable.  Ben acts like he doesn’t care.  He thinks he can take Stefan because he doesn’t feed on humans.  Stefan answers with his homemade flame thrower.  Ben goes up in flames.

Damon has left Elena to go off in search of Katherine.  Elena is frightened and alone….until Anna shows up and decides that Gilbert blood is what her mother needs to bring her back.  Although, we just found out that Elena doesn’t actually have Gilbert blood…but I suppose Anna wouldn’t know that.  Even though Grams and Bonnie warn him of the one-way door to the tomb, Elena’s scream is too much.  Stefan runs in to save her.

Bonnie begs her grandmother to help her open the seal so Stefan can come back out.  Grams says they aren’t strong enough but eventually gives in to Bonnie’s pleading.  Pearl, Anna’s mother was able to refresh a bit on Elena’s blood.  Elena runs for the exit.  Stefan follows her but he can’t leave.  Stefan goes to get Damon while Bonnie and Grams open the spell temporarily.  Stefan finds Damon inside, but Damon is furious he can’t find Katherine.  He throws the blood at the wall in a rage where it bursts.  Pearl and Anna are able to exit while Bonnie and Grams hold the spell.  Anna explains, “I just wanted my mother back.”  She tells Elena that Jeremy is up top and they won’t hurt him.  Elena runs back in and Damon, although clearly upset follows her.  All three make it out of the tomb before the door closes.

Matt finally confronts Caroline and asks if the whole “nice girl” thing is for real.  Caroline says, “Speech #3.  I want this to work….I don’t want to mess it up.”  Matt says, “I don’t want to mess it up either”.  Sweetly, they close that thought with a kiss.

Damon is very distraught.  Elena goes over to him and pulls him close, hugging him.  Stefan looks confused at first and then seems to understand.

Bonnie and Grams are back at her house.  There is something wrong with Grams.  Elena and Jeremy are at home where she is trying to take care of him.  He says he doesn’t remember anything but as soon as Elena heads off for Bonnie’s house, he goes to his computer and searches for “vampires”.

Damon confronts Anna in her room.  She admits that she knew Katherine wasn’t in the tomb but didn’t tell him because then he wouldn’t help her.  Damon goes to kill/hurt Pearl.  He yells, “Why do you get the happy ending.”  Although he has his hands around someone’s throat in an attempt to seriously injure or kill them, I actually feel sorry for him.  Pearl tells him that Katherine was able to charm her way out of the church.  The guard who locked them all in, let her go because she promised to turn him.  She had him under her spell.  Damon lets Pearl go.  Anna says the last time she saw Katherine, she was in Chicago in 1983.  Anna says, “She knew where you were Damon.  She didn’t care.”  :/  Poor Damon.  Dejected, he leaves the room.

Bonnie goes to bring her grandmother something and realizes that something is wrong with Grams.  Bonnie tries to grab for the spellbook, Elena calls 911.  She has to hold Bonnie back.  I’m guessing the spell took too much out of Grams.  I’m wondering how Bonnie will take all of this.  Will she blame Damon for being so persistent that the tomb be opened?  Stefan for running back in to save Elena?  Herself for begging Grams to help her perform the spell to let Stefan out?

Back at the tomb, some of the blood Damon threw at the wall was enough to rejuvenate one of the vampires who slowly and zombie-like exits the tomb.  I guess it didn’t seal after all.

We are out of new episodes until Thursday March 25th.  I want to know more about Elena’s birth mother and Alaric’s missing/dead wife.  Are they the same person?  Is Damon going to go search for Katherine?  How did Stefan and Damon turn into vampires if Katherine wasn’t there?  It appeared from the flashbacks that she was taken away while they were both still human.  If it happens like in the book, the brothers kill each other while Katherine’s blood is pumping through their veins, thus vampires.  I do have to say, even though I want to know all of this crazy info, I am happy I get a vampire break! 🙂


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  1. been lovin your recaps. and i have the same questions. glad we have a break while the olympics is going on.
    btw: you’ve been awarded ;-D

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