The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 13

“Children of the Damned”
Original air date 2/4/2010 on The CW

From The CW Website

Episode Synopsis
It’s simple…. Best. Episode. So. Far. 

Really. There was so much going on without being confusing. One thing I had been waiting for was a bit of background information from 1864 when Katherine came to town. Well, I had to wait no further. This episode was filled with flashbacks and revelations. ~sigh~ I know I’m waaaaay too old to like this show, but I do. I will say that I am a bit vampired out at the moment. I had a few catch up episodes of VD to watch and post about, I’m reading Dark Reunion (The Vampire Diaries Book 4), AND I’m listening to The Historian on audio. Although the next audiobook I have waiting for me is Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, which I’m assuming is about vampires, and the Vampire Diaries television show will still be on, I think I will set aside the vampire books for a few weeks and stick to some non-vampy stuff for actual paper books. I say that, but then something always happens. I think after Dark Reunion I will pick up The Otherworldlies, which isn’t about vampires….I don’t think! 

Okay enough of my ramblings, on with the show. 

Short recap: Damon wants to free Katherine. Stefan said he would help him but he is lying. The Mystery vamp that Elena hit with her car is dead, but was in league with Jeremy’s friend Anna, who is actually a vampire.  Bonnie has the hots for Ben, the bartender at the grill, but he is actually a vampire working for Anna. 

Photo by Quantrell Colbert/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The episode starts in Mystic Falls circa 1864.  Katherine is begging some roadside travelers for help.  Damon is playing dead in the road and watches Katherine kill them both.  She is teaching him how to kill.  I take back what I said about Nina Dobrev being one-dimensional and a terrible actress.  She played the two parts of Elena and Katherine very well in this episode. 

Back to present-day Mystic Falls.  Damon interrupts Stefan and Elena in bed.  He discusses the plans for looking for the journal and the spellbook.  I’d type the name but I don’t know how to spell it. Grimwald? Grimolt? Grimoire? Haven’t a clue. 

Back to 1864.  Katherine is in bed with Damon when Pearl, another vampire shows up to discuss the townspeople closing in on them.  Honoria Fell has been to the apothecary where Pearl works.  She left vervain to be distributed.  Pearl  is also critical of Katherine cavorting with both brothers.  A young girl comes running over to to Pearl calling her “mama”.  She looks up and we see that Pearl’s daughter is Anna. 

Present day. Anna is trying to make plans with Jeremy to talk to him.  She is coaching Ben and giving him blood to get him close to Bonnie. 

Elena and stfan are looking for the journal.  Elena says she feels a bit sorry for Damon because she thinks everything he does good or bad, he believes he has done out of love.  Stfan thinks he is just evil.  Jeremy walks in and asks what they are looking for.  When they say the journal he wonders why every one wants it. 

Alaric is reading the journal and recounts a meeting between Giuseppe Salvatore and Jonathan Gilbert and some other men.  They are talking about the compass and how it works, however, they don’t really say.  They also think that the “Church plan” is their best bet for getting rid of the vampires.  Alaric makes copies of the journal and then sits down at his desk.  He is distracted by a shadow and a flash of movement.  He gets up to investigate.  We see that it is Anna, and we know what Anna is after, but he doesn’t know that.  He goes to get some stake shooting air rifle (He keeps that at school?!?!) loads it up and takes a shot at…..Stefan?!  Stefan plucks the stake out of the air and tosses it aside. telling Alaric, “You shouldn’t have done that.”  Alaric confesses that he is in Mystic Falls because his wife was a parapsychologist who was killed by a vampire.  Stefan demands that he hand over the journal.  It is no longer on his desk.  He goes on to tell Stefan that Damon was the one who killed his wife.  He wants to know what happened to his wife.  They never found her body.  Alaric interrupted her death and Damon disappeared with her body.  Stefan tells Damon to NEVER tell Damon why he is here. 

Flip over to Anna’s room where she is reading the stolen journal.  Flashback to 1864: Jonathan is in love with Pearl.  Pearl wants to leave town but Katherine says she isn’t ready yet.  Giuseppe is trying to get Damon and Stefan to join to help the town because it is in trouble.  He tells the boys there are vampires living among them and they are going to help him. 

Back to present.  Damon is cooking for Jenna…wha?!  Confused.  Elena is as surprised as me.  Damon confronts Elena about Stefan’s true motives.  Elena doesn’t seem to be a very good liar.  I don’t think Damon believes her. 

Back to 1864.  Katherine and Mr. Salvatore are playing croquet.  Stefan wants to tell their father about Katherine and her true nature.  Damon insists that he must not tell their father.  He would kill her the instant he knew. 

Back to present.  Damon tells Elena he used to trust Stefan more than anyone else in the world.  Tells Elena that he just wants her back and that she knows what he will do if anyone gets in his way. 

Relevant to this weeks episode??? Nope...You complaining?

Damon and Jeremy are playing video games on the couch and Damon is beating him despite never playing before.  Poor Jeremy doesn’t know how much of a disadvantage he has.  While they are playing Anna calls him and Jeremy ignores the call.  Stefan comes to the door and seems surprised to see Damon as well.  They don’t know who took the journal from Alaric.  They all ask Jeremy about the journal and who else she told.  He admits that he told Anna and she wants to meet him tonight at the grill.  Damon insists that he go meet her and tells him he will drive.  Stefan stays behind and shows Elena the photocopies of the journal that Alaric took. 

Bonnie and Ben are on their date.  He asks about Elena and what she is doing. 

Damon’s face immediately flashes with recognition when he sees Anna and then we go to a flashback to 1864.  Pearl is telling Katherine that the sheriff was there earlier.  Katherine says that thanks to Emily, they all walk the streets in daylight.  Anna comes in to tell the threesome that Mrs. Fell is approaching.  From this, Damon recalls the face and knows who Anna is. 

Stefan and Elena are pouring over the journals.  They find something about Emily in the photocopies.  Jonathan Gilbert says that he was supposed to protect “the witches spellbook”  but he feared she would haunt him.  He says that Giuseppe Salvatore lifted the burden and said that he would carry the secret of the spellbook with him “To his grave”.  Flashback to 1864.  Stefan is telling his father that he has problems with his plan for the vampires.  He tells his father that he thinks all vampires might not be bad.  His father seems to think that Stefan might know a vampire from what he says.  He tells them that “those who stand with them, will be destroyed as well.”  Back to the present.  Stefan says, “I know where it is.” 

Damon sneaks up on Anna and pins him to the wall and she grabs his throat in return.  They both back off.  Anna tells Damon that she sat back and watched him screw up too many times.  It was Anna that turned Logan Fell.  She couldn’t let him die.  She needed his family journal.  Anna tells Damon that according to the journal, Jonathan Gilbert gave the spellbook to his father.  

Photo by Guy D'Alema/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Stefan and Elena, fully equipped with shovels, get ready to dig up dear ‘ol dads grave.  Fun stuff.  The two of them start in on the crappy task as Stefan flashes back to 1864.  Katherine is with Stefan in bed and it is getting hot and heavy.  She bites his neck and starts gagging and is incapacitated.  Guiseppe has been spiking Stefan’s food and drink with vervain after their earlier conversation.  He guessed correctly that Stefan not only knew a vampire, but was very close to one.  He sends Stefan off to get the sheriff while he puts some weird torture mask on Katherine.  

When Bonnie kisses Ben, she immediately knows something is wrong, just like she knew with Stefan.  She says nothing is wrong and that she needs to go to the restroom.  Ben must pick up on it because he follows her and with his scary vampy face on, grabs her from behind. 

Stefan finally gets to the casket and opens it up.  Just like he thought, the spellbook is there with his father’s skeleton.  After he opens it up, Damon appears and is pissed.  He actually seems hurt Elena lied to him.  He knows that Stefan was lying about helping him.  He grabs Elena, bites his own wrist and forces her to drink.  He tells Stefan that if he doesn’t hand it over he will snap her neck and turn her into a vampire.  Stefan throws the journal to Damon and He lets Elena go.  Elena and Stefan leave the gravesite. 

Back to 1864.  A lynch mob shows up at the Salvatore residence.  They cart off Katherine even with Damon’s protests. 

Back to the present.  Elena and Stefan are back at her house.  Elena has a headache. 

Back to 1864.  Stefan tries to stop Damon and tells him he will help get her back.  Damon blames Stefan. 

Back to present.  Stefan goes to get Elena an aspirin for the headache.  He sees Jenna in the kitchen and she tells him he isn’t staying the night.  Jeremy comes in and looks for someone.  Jenna says she went to the bathroom.  He tells Stefan it’s Anna he brought over.  Stefan is, of course, alarmed. 

Back to 1864.  Pearl sees what is happening to Katherine and tells Anna to find Emily and stay hidden.  She runs to investigate and runs into Jonathan Gilbert who is unfortunately holding the compass.  It points directly at her.  Anna tries to escape Emily, but she holds her back.  Jonathan alerts everyone and they take Pearl off in the same fashion as Katherine.  Emily tells Anna that it is alright.  She knows how to protect them.  She already has a plan.  Which we know is the spell that everyone is so desperate to break. 

Back to present.  Stefan takes off running up the stairs to Elena’s room where she is vanished and the window is open. 

I’m not sure I can wait until next week.  Seriously.  Elena and Bonnie both missing.  Could be a really good episode.  I’m glad this show is getting better each week. 


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    1. yes, i agree good episodes. we get some answers, but more questions which makes it more exciting to watch this show. loved the historical costumes.

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    3. […] Season One, Episode Thirteen “Children of the Damned” […]

    4. […] Season One, Episode Thirteen “Children of the Damned” […]

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