The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 12~ Take #2

Original Air Date January 28, 2010 on The CW

Episode Synopsis
Due to technical difficulties with either AT&T or some problem with the local CW channel, I only go the first 15 minutes of the episode last week. My partial synopsis can be found HERE.

So now I have the whole episode in front of me, I just have to watch it online. It’s nice that the website for The CW has the episodes online, but you have to wait a week after they’ve aired before they are up online. Frustrating when the episode cuts off and you only get 15 minutes!!! 

When my episode cut off, Elena was in the parking lot of the grill and her cell phone rings. I’ve had to wait a week to find out who was on that phone call!!!

And it was….the mystery man Elena hit with her car!  He is there in the parking lot.  Elena makes it to her car and takes off and runs to Stefan.  At his house, Stefan hands her the compass and tells her that he took it from Damon who took it from Logan who took it from Jeremy.  He wants her to keep it so she can know if the other vampire is around

Caroline and Matt are off painting signs together.  She wants to color coordinate their outfits.  He says he has to work.  She is kind of snotty about it and he is quick to explain that his mom is in and out and not around much and he needs money.

Anna appears out of no where and asks how Jeremy’s paper went.  She wants to go and do something with him, but he is stuck on punch duty at the dance.  She asks about another night and then backs off, thinking she is being too pushy.

Jenna is getting ready for the dance.  She is helping Alaric chaperone.  Elena confronts her and asks why she never told her about the adoption.  Jenna says her mom  was going to tell her, but never got the chance.  Elena’s mom was 16 and about to give birth.  Elena’s dad and mom took her in and gave her and the baby a place to stay but a few days later her mom disappeared.  They only know her name was Isabelle.  Because Elena’s dad was a doctor, he faked the birth certificate to make it look like Elena was their child.

Stefan plunks down an old book in front of Damon.  Says it’s their dads journal and there is nothing in it about Katherine or how to open the tomb.  Stefan says he will help Damon if it will get him out of this town.  He says he will help him free Katherine, but no one else.  Damon doesn’t know if he can trust Stefan.

Elena is getting ready for the dance and turns on her blow dryer.  The compass starts going crazy.  She turns the dryer off and finally notices the compass.  Frightened, she calls Stefan but Damon answers.  Damon says Stefan is on his way over.  Elena breathes a sigh of relief thinking that it must be Stefan setting it off, but she can’t see the vampire stuck on the ceiling.  He jumps down to attack Elena, but Stefan is already there and saves her.  The vampire runs off.

Damon and Stefan are both working together to help Elena.  They decide to go and get the vampire tonight.  Anyone in the house is vulnerable until he is captured.  Damon and Stefan both take Elena to the dance, which is 50’s themed.  Alaric sees Damon and is taken aback.  Caroline and Bonnie aren’t thrilled to see Damon either.  Damon wanders over and asks Bonnie to dance.  She and Caroline run off.  He asks Elena to dance and she dances with Stefan instead.

Jenna and Alaric talk about his wife’s death. 

Hoodie vampire shows up at the dance.

Anna shows up at the dance as well.  Jeremy accuses her of pretending they are dating.  Anna wants the journal and she is very upset and adamant that he needs to lend it to her.  Uh oh….She gets vampire face.  It seems Anna is a vampire too…Jeremy notices her  face change and she runs off.

Caroline and Bonnie have apparently left the dance and gone off to the grill.  Bonnie is swooning over the bartender and Caroline makes a comment to her about the him being “a washed up jock who pours drinks for a living.”  And that she can do better.  Matt was standing right behind her.  Obviously hurt, he shoves past and walks off.  Bonnie asks the bartender out on a date.  Caroline is jealous.  She doesn’t understand why Matt is mad at her.  He makes a comment about “That’s what washed up jocks do”.

Alaric introduces himself to Damon and probes a bit about who he is, where he is from, and why he is in Mystic Falls.

Anna and the other vampire are working together.  They both have some sort of diabolical plan. (I like that word….Diabolical)  He says he likes Elena because she looks like Katherine.  They mention not being afraid of the Salvatore brothers.

Elena spots hoodie Vamp.  Stefan takes off after him and sends Elena to find Damon.  It turns out the guy in the hoodie isn’t the vampire, but I’m not sure how Stefan knows that.  Neither Stefan or Elena have seen his face.  The boy says some guy gave him the hoodie to wear.  Mystery vamp calls Elena and tells her he will kill her brother if she doesn’t come out and meet him.  Then there is a bunch of her running and screaming and him chasing.  She ends up stabbing him with pencils and going for a mop.  The ease that she breaks the mop with is ridiculous.  I’m significantly larger and stronger than the girl playing Elena and *I* couldn’t break a mop like that.  Mystery vamp snatches it out of her hands but Damon and Stefan are faster.  They grab it from him and use it to stake him.  Why doesn’t he die right away like the other vamps who have been staked?  He tells them they aren’t the only ones who “knew” Katherine and that the answer to how to open the tomb is in Emily’s spellbook.  They can find the spellbook by looking in Jonathan Gilbert’s journal.  Stefan then kills him.

Damon sees Alaric in the hallway and uses compulsion to try and find out what he knows.  He answers that he doesn’t know what Damon is and he is only in Mystic Falls because he got a teaching job there.  But as Damon walks away, Alaric opens his hand to reveal a sprig of vervain.

Damon and Stefan agree to working together to release Katherine if they leave Mystic Falls as soon as she is released.

Matt is really upset.  He admits to Caroline that he isn’t over Elena.  He doesn’t want to take anything to the next level because he doesn’t want to lose what they already have.  Caroline says it’s already gone.  Matt chases after her in his car and gets out and kisses her.  He says to her “This is never going to work”

Alaric walks Jenna to the door.  Apologizes for talking about his dead wife so much.  He asks her on a date.  She assures him it is okay to talk about his wife.  He says he will keep the Isabelle talk to a minimum.  Jenna is surpised to hear that his wife’s name was Isabelle, as that is that name of Elena’s birth mother.

Elena feels bad that she isn’t more upset about all of the bloods and guts she saw.  Stefan says it’s just the adrenaline.  He tells Elena that he agreed to help Damon open the tomb, but that he lied to Damon.  He doesn’t really plan on helping but he wanted to tell Elena because he feels like they have some strange bond.

Anna is outside the grill.  She sneaks up on someone…I thought was Jeremy at first, but it is really  Ben, the bartender, who is also a vampire.  He leans over and kisses Anna.  They talk about the vampire who was killed by Stefan, who we find out was called Noah was the weird vamps name.  Anna has enlisted Ben to get close to Bonnie.

This episode had SOOOO much going on.  It was exhausting to type about it all!  One of the better episodes so far!


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