The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 10

“The Turning Point”
Originally aired 11/19/2010 on The CW

Episode Synopsis
So somehow I missed this episode. Don’t know how, don’t know why. I only figured it out when I tried to look for this weeks episode on The CW’s website since I only got the first 15 minutes before the feed cut off to my cable provider.  the new episode isn’t up yet, but I figured I would catch up before moving on to the new one.  I’ve seen it, but I guess I either didn’t write about it, or somehow didn’t save my work….who knows!?

Logan appears at Jenna’s door asking to be invited in.  Jenna says no and slams the door in his face.  Logan gets ready to eat the next door neighbor instead but a woman jogger passes by and catches his interest.

Jeremy is reading through the old journals that speak about fear of the night because of the creatures that live in it.

Damon is planning where he is going next.  Stefan is adamant that wherever they go, it isn’t together.  The sheriff arrives to talk to Damon regarding the attack on the female jogger.  They are hoping Damon can catch and kill the vampire.  Stefan can of course hear the whole conversation.  He thinks Damon must be responsible for the attack.  If it wasn’t Stefan, and it wasn’t Damon, it must be a new vampire.

Bonnie recounts her attack and how grateful she is to Stefan.  Elena is very upset that Stefan still plans on leaving town.  She’s asked him not to go, but he thinks he is protecting her.  When he finds out about the new attack and the possibility of a new vamp in the town, then he can’t leave.

Matt and Caroline’s friendship/relationship is growing.

Damon is using Caroline to find the other vampire in town.  He can’t use the old watch/compass himself, as he would set it off.  (How exactly would a watch like that work?  Do vampires give off some weird psychic vibe?  I want to know how it works!)

He walks into the old warehouse and is shot repeatedly with wooden bullets by Logan.  Logan thinks Damon turned him into a vampire.  Damon says it wasn’t him.  He clarifies, “I killed you.”  Someone else had to give him the vampire blood.  Logan is frustrated with his new vampirism.  He can’t get into his own house.  He says he can’t stop killing people and points Damon to the pile of bodies he has accumulated in the corner.

Matt and Elena are talking at the career day.  Caroline sees them and walks off.  Not mad, but interested and possibly hurt.  Stefan shows up.  He says he is only there to watch over Elena.  Says he wanted to be a doctor before he was changed.  He had to move on before people started to realize he wasn’t getting any older.  Elena tells him if he is going to leave then he should just do it already.  Then, Logan appears at the school career day, which it just occurred to be…why is it at night?  Logan wants to know how to walk around in the sun.  Threatens to expose Damon and Stefan if they don’t tell him how.  Damon and Stefan talk on the phone about Logan.  Stefan Tells Damon he is at the school and Damon tells him he is on his way.

The Sheriff sees Logan and knows he shouldn’t be there.  She and the council were responsible for his quick burial.   He tells the sheriff to “Watch her back”.  Logan sees Caroline and offers to giver her a ride home.  Once she is in the car he slams her head into the window, knocking her out.  Fortunately for her, Matt saw her get into the car and tells Elena and Stefan.  He calls the sheriff to taunt her and make sure she knows he has her daughter.

Tyler and Jeremy get into a scuffle over Vickie.  The Mayor, Tyler’s dad, and Mr. Saltzman break up the fight.  Mayor Lockwood takes them both outside and tries to make them fight.  Mr. Saltzman catches him and calls the Mayor a douchebag. bwhahahaahahahaha

Logan is surprised as Stefan jumps on his car and yanks him out the window.  He and Damon rescue Caroline.  Damon is planning on killing Logan in front of the sheriff, but Logan says he knows others who want to get into the tomb as well.  He promises to tell him if he lets him go.  Damon is intrigued and tells him to take him out and make it look real and he will let him go.

Jeremy finds Tyler and tells him he is sorry his dad acts like that and he has to go through that all the time.  Tyler punches him and tells him he doesn’t want his pity.  Jeremy asks what his problem is and Tyler runs off saying, “I don’t know man, I don’t know.”

Elena tells Stefan that she wanted to be a writer before her mother died.  She can’t do it now because it was something they shared.  It just isn’t there anymore.  Stefan tells her he is doing this for her and gets out of the car.  Elena gets mad and runs out of the car saying “No, you don’t get to make that decision for me.”  Some point in the whole thing they decide to consummate their relationship.  Odd timing…but okay.

Logan comes out of the warehouse he has been hiding in and is surprised by Alaric.  Logan tells him that he might think he is being pretty brave, but he’s actually pretty stupid.  He turns around to kill Alaric, but Alaric has a stake hidden up his sleeve and plunges it deep into Logan, killing him.

Stefan goes to get Elena something to drink and she starts exploring his room, and then she find it.  The picture of Katherine and freaks out.  She leaves her necklace on the table and takes off.  Seriously, if he was just going to get her a drink….how long was he gone for.  How did she get out?

The Sheriff calls Damon on his cell phone and tell his thank you.  He gives him credit for killing Logan.  He takes the credit, but is frustrated that he won’t find out what Logan knew.

Whew!  Catching up.  Two more episodes to write up and then I can move on to something less vampire. 🙂  Unfortunately, I am reading the last book in the series right now, and listening to The Historian on audiobook right now…so no vampire break for me!!


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