The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 12~ Attempt #1

Originally Aired 1/29/2010 on The CW

Episode Synopsis
In the last episode, Elena was in a car accident and it appears what she hit was an unknown vampire. Damon helps her out and takes her with him to Georgia to go and see and old acquaintance. While he is there, he is told that he might find what he is looking for, a way to free Katherine, in Emily’s old spellbook. When Elena returns home, she finds out from Stefan that he was the one who rescued her from the car accident that killed her parents, but also that she is adopted. ~Whew~ teen-soap drama!

The preview it shows a flashback of Alaric saying to Jenna that he “fell in love. Married young and she died.” Ah ha! Now I remember.  We know from last week’s episode that it was Damon who in fact killed her and that Alaric knows Damon is in town.

A pizza man comes to the door of the Gilbert house and gets very creepy looking when Jeremy invites him to come in and set the pizza on the table. When he leaves he puts on a black hoodie and appears to be the mystery vampire.  Now mystery vampire, if that is in fact who he is, has access to Elena’s home.

Damon is ransacking the library in the boarding house. He doesn’t tell Stefan what he is doing, but Stefan seems to know it has something to do with his trip to Atlanta.

Jeremy hands in his paper to Alaric who gives him an A. He asks about his source was and is very excited to find out that Jeremy still has the journal of his ancestor which he used. By the way, who refers to someone only a few generations out as their “ancestor”?  Maybe its regional.  I would say it was my great-great-great grandfather or a relative from the 1800’s.  He asks to borrow it and Jeremy hands it over to him.

Stefan gives Elena a bunch of charms filled with vervain to give to her family and friends to protect them. Elena gives one of the charms to Caroline. They have a little chat about the budding relationship between Caroline and Matt. Caroline thinks Elena will be upset, but she tells her whatever makes her and Matt happy. Caroline tells Elena that everyone knows that Matt isn’t over her.

Matt is applying for a job at the grill. Bonnie and Elena are leaving the grill when Damon confronts Bonnie. She tells him to stay the hell away and the new bartender, a recent graduate from the same high school, comes to her rescue.

Elena’s cell phone rings and then…….I have no clue, I have 25 minutes of black screen and another 20 of “This provider is experiencing technical difficulties.”

ARRRRRRRRGHHHHH! I hate it when that happens. I suppose I will have to watch the rest online. I’m not sure if it was my local CW channel itself or AT&T, my cable provider. All I know is that I am annoyed!

I will post the rest of my review as soon as I watch the rest of the episode.



~ by jennifermorrill on January 29, 2010.

7 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 12~ Attempt #1”

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  6. i like the show and the book

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