The Vampire Diaries~ Season 1, Episode 11

Original Air date 1/21/2010 on The CW

Episode Synopsis (Spoilers included)

I’m going to try and make this a bit shorter than usual to be easier on me.  Sometimes I am amazed at how long these posts were taking for me!

It has been a while since we left Mystic Falls.  Last time Damon was trying to get Katherine out from the tomb, however, that would mean unleashing all of the vampires trapped with her on the unsuspecting townspeople.  Elena and Stefan have consummated their relationship, but while he is off in the shower, Elena finds a picture of Katherine and freaks out.  She drives off upset and confused.

While she is speeding off, someone appears in the middle of the road.  Elena tries to miss him, but she can’t.  She hits him and flips her car.  She is trapped upside down, but can see the man get up and walk towards her.  As soon as he gets to the car, he runs off and just as fast, Damon appears to rescue her.  No one knows who the mystery man is.

Elena passes out in Damon’s arms and when she wakes up, Damon is driving them to Georgia.  Elena wants to go back, but Damon tells her to, “step away from your life for five minutes”.   She goes along with it.  When they get to their destination, Elena is annoyed to find out that their secret local is a bar.  Damon instantly begins to make out with the barmaid, Bree, a former flame and witch.  They apparently knew each other 20 years ago.

Damon wants Bree’s help to get into the tomb.  She already helped him once by telling him he needed the comet and the crystal to get in.  She tells him there is no way, which is not something he wants to hear.  While Damon is out talking to Elena, Bree makes a mysterious phone call that she obviously doesn’t want Damon to hear.

Elena is trying to figure out why she looks like Katherine, hoping Damon might know something.  Much to her disdain, Damon really doesn’t know any more than he does.  The two of them start pounding the alcohol.  Interesting.

A mystery man appears in the bar and exchanges curious glances with Bree.  When Elena steps outside to take a phone call from her Aunt Jenna, the mystery man grabs her.  Bree points out to Damon tha Elena is gone and he goes to look for her.  It’s odd, Damon is so not himself this episode.  And it doesn’t seem like an act.  Damon isn’t able to be concerned for long because the Mystery Man sneaks up on him, beats him with a baseball bat and pours gasoline all over him.  Mystery Man turns out to be Lexi’s boyfriend, who was human, but turned into a vampire so he could be with her forever.  Elena pleads with him for Damon’s life.  He relents and spares Damon’s life, not because he felt sorry for her or him, but for Lexi.  Was he the man she hit with the car?  Dunno.

Damon returns to the bar to confront Bree, obviously figuring out she had something to do with angry boyfriend’s appearance.  She says that she was upset because Lexi was her friend.  I’m not sensing this is going to go well for Bree.  She pleads with him.  Telling him ways she thinks he can open the tomb if he finds Emily’s spellbook.  Eww.  No more Bree.  Damon has used his hand to enter straight into her abdomen.  I’m thinking Bree will not survive that one…

It’s odd to me how Damon can be evil and good at the same time.  Right after killing Bree, he is in the car with Elena having a cheery conversation. 

Stefan has been trying to get Bonnie to help him find Elena, but her powers have vanished.  Bonnie is very scared after her encounter with Damon and being possessed by Emily.  She goes to her grandmother to try to find the answers.  Grandma, explains that her fear is blocking her. (Wow! Jasmine Guy is looking old!)  She tells her she needs to clear it out, so she decides to go to the cemetery and confront her fears.

While searching around the cemetary, Bonnie hears noises and the ground gives way.  She falls into an underground cavern.  She is freaked out and trapped.  Someone appears behind her, but it is only Stefan coming to help her.  He has gone to see her Grandmother to try and find her.  He offers her his hand, allowing her to read him.  She decides to trust him and tell him what Bonnie went to go and do.  I would have thought that he could have said, “Hey Bonnie, are you down there?” when he got there so she didn’t freak out…but I guess not.  Too easy, not enough drama.

Bonnie tells Stefan she can hear “them” down there.  Speaking of the trapped vampires I am assuming.  He brings her back home to grandma’s house.  It turns out Stefan knows Sheila, Bonnie’s grandmother.  They met in 1969, when she was just a young girl.  She reminds “Stefan that she will protect her own before she protects anyone else.” 

Jeremy is continuing his research on his history project about Mystic falls during the Civil War using his (great great?) grandfather’s journals.  He meets a girl named Anna while looking things up at the library.  She shows Jeremy all about the local vampire legends.  Jeremy thinks the vampires are metaphors for the union soldiers.  She insists there is more to it and shows Jeremy a bunch of information on local mysterious “animal” attacks.  With major blood loss.

Jeremy wants to find out more about the journal that Anna’s great grandfather kept as well.  He mentions the Lost Boys and she says, “What’s that?  A movie”  Gosh I feel old!

When Elena gets back from Georgia, she confronts Stefan.  She is very upset that he lied to her.  I’m not sure that I would take that as a lie.  How do you tell someone they look like someone you used to love?  Stefan explains that he met Elena before the first day of school.  He first met her on May 23rd, 2009, the day of her parents deadly car crash.  It turns out Stefan was visiting Mystic Falls and heard the accident.  He got there quickly but Elena’s father made him rescue her first.  By time he got back to the car, her parents were already dead.  He first noticed then that she wasn’t Katherine in any way except for looks.  He had to stick around and figure out who she was and how it related to Katherine.  He had to know her.  When he researched, he found that even though she was a Gilbert and she was a Pierce, Elena was not a Gilbert by birth.  She was adopted.  Elena wants to know more, but Stefan doesnt know more.

We find out some of Alaric’s past.  Someone he has loved was attacked by a vampire.  That vampire is….da da DUM…Damon.  We know he has killed one vampire, but he isn’t ready to give up on finding more vampires in Mystic Falls.  The flashback is very clear that Alaric knows it was Damon that killed what I can only assume is his wife/girlfriend.

Whew.  Teen dramas have a lot of storylines.  Damon/Elena, Bonnie/Stefan, Jeremy/Anna, Elena/Stefan, Damon/Bree, Stefan/Damon, Damon/Mystery Guy, Elena/a bunch of alcohol, it’s hard to keep up!

No idea what is in store for next week as my DVR cut off that bit!


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