My Crazy Life

I’m guessing a few people might have noticed my absence from the bloggoshere recently.  As many of you know I recently shared that my husband and I are expecting an unexpected bundle of joy sometime in July.

Some bloggers are really good about coming on and explaining things to their readers…I am not one of those bloggers.  I had some health issues and instead of coming and talking about them, I just vanished.

Our recent scare was a biggie.  My daughters were at their dance rehearsal for their winter show and I began to hemorrhage.  Not just the spotting I had with one of my other pregnancies.  Forgive the graphic description, but there was lots of bright red blood and clots.  I thought for sure I was losing the baby and I was really upset.

My good ‘ol husband got to me faster than I think an ambulance would have and rushed me to the ER, which fortunately was fairly close.  My shock came when they finally did the ultrasound and lo and behold…there was a little heart still beating in there!

It turns out I had a cyst on my ovary that ruptured in addition to having what is called a subchorionic hematoma.  I had no idea what that actually was, other than the hematoma part, so the best definition and simplest explanation is that I have a blood clot in my uterus along with a baby.  It could cause lots of problems, and it could cause none.  Some dissolve on their own, and others bleed out and cause problems.

So right now it is a waiting game.  I am off of bedrest, but still strongly cautioned to “take it easy”.  I feel okay, apart from the other more ‘normal’ pregnancy complaints.  I still have a bit of cramping and spotting, but the doctors say baby is healthy and fine so far.  They have done more ultrasounds to confirm and every time the baby looks fine.

So hopefully you will all excuse my brief absence.  It was and still is a bit crazy for me right now.  I might be slowing my blogging down A LOT.  If I don’t come by to see you at your blog as often as I used to…please don’t take it personally.  I’m slowing catching up.  I had to dump all of my unread blog posts on Google Reader as there were some 3000 new posts.  The task was too daunting to even attempt to conquer.

Oh!  The girls did have  their dance show and I DID get to go and watch.  I got a few pics of my youngest (well…someone got some pics of my youngest) which I will share will you.  I will have to scavenge for some pics of my older daughter, Kaylee.  She was on reaaaaaaaaally late, in the second show because she is a “big girl” now. 🙂

Lauren in her ballet class


Another of Lauren in ballet, doing a mini arabesque


Lauren in her jazz class

Lauren in her Competition Hip Hop dance

For some reason I seem to not have a pic of her in her competition jazz dance either.  I will look and post them with Kaylee’s.

I will have my review for Her Fearful Symmetry  by Audrey Niffenegger up soon.  I had to sit on that one for a while as I was not sure how I felt about it when I finished it. 
Love you all.  Have a wonderful Christmas!!

~ by jennifermorrill on December 22, 2009.

7 Responses to “My Crazy Life”

  1. I’m sending warm thoughts and prayers your way! And don’t worry about us in the blogging world-take care of yourself and your little baby!:)
    I love that your daughter is in a hip-hop class-that is very cool!!

  2. Thank you Sarah! My little one does competition jazz and hip hop and also takes ballet and a second jazz class. My oldest takes jazz, hip hop, ballet, and a jazz production class. They both love it, but we might be scaling back a little bit in the upcoming months.

    The little ones in hip hop are too cute. They are all 6 and 7 and there are 2 little boys as well. They did so good at the performance! I’m looking forward to their next one in Jan. They have an awesome teacher.

  3. Oh Jenn! How scary! Prayers are being sent your way. I hope everything is okay. Just take care of yourself. That’s the only thing that matters. And I hope you have a great Christmas!

  4. Thanks Natasha! That means a lot. You and your family have a great Christmas too!

  5. Hey Jen! I’m so glad you and your little hitch hiker are doing well. What a scary experience! Please don’t feel like you need to apologize to me. I figured you had some life issues going on. Sorry it was health related but glad to read you at least know the situation. Tkae it easy as best you can, and I’ll talk to you when you are able. If that is 8 months form now, then so be it. Take care of yourself sweetie 🙂

    And your girls look adorable. Very nice dance form there 😉

  6. First of all, I am so sorry about all you are going through…what a nightmare. I know it’s hard to keep us posted, so place yourself as #1. We’ll always be here…like we have any other place to go. (lol) Thanks for the photos…soooooo precious. You rest and I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

  7. Thanks Jenny and J. Kaye! I’m trying to take it easy and take care of myself.

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