The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 9

“History Repeating”
Original air date, November 12th, 2009

Again, this is a synopsis with spoilers.

Episode Synopsis
You will have to forgive the lateness of this post.  I had drama last week and so, I am now a week behind.  This post takes a loooooong time to do.  I have to go through and type as I watch, then tidy it all up and correct my typos.  Then I have to add pretty pictures and link it all up.  I’m done complaining now, promise.

Here goes; Bonnie is having strange dreams about her ancestor, I think great great grandmother, Emily.  It’s a bit creepy!  In her dreams, she follows her to the woods, to ruins of an old building.  She has one of those old, dream in a dream in a dream things.

Caroline is still mad at Bonnie and there is odd tension between Caroline and Matt after he spent the night, innocently with her after the party where Lexi was killed.

We get to meet Alaric Saltzman for the first time as the new history teacher.  I was wondering if they were going to add him in to the series.  I liked his character in the book.  He mentions that his name is pronounced al then ar like in car then ick instead of al- uh-rick, which is how I pronounced it in my head when I was reading. Whoops!

Damon is trying to be nice to Stefan and offers to keep on the “Stefan diet” for at least a week.  He says he is sorry for killing Lexi.  The brothers do a little bit of role reversal.  Damon does a great Stefan impression, “It’s just like you Damon.  Always gotta have the last word.” 

Was this right before they were arresting for flashing people? 🙂

Bonnie discusses her dreams with Elena.  She feels like she is being haunted and thinks it is all to do with the necklace.

Jeremy discusses his history grade with Mr. Saltzman.  He was failing, but the new teacher wipes the slate clean and offers him a break by allowing him to write an extra credit paper about local history.  Jeremy notices he has an old ring which looks quite similar too Stefan and Damon’s.

Caroline confronts Matt about the awkwardness.  She says he did a total “lame guy move” by leaving before she woke up and wants to know what is up with him saying “hey” to her every time she walks by.  He explains that he left because he heard her mom up and didn’t want to get her in trouble and as for saying “hey” to her when she walks by,  he says, “I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve said to you every day since the first grade”  Then tells her, “Trying to read something into it….lame girl move.” BWahahaha yay Matt!

Stefan apologizes to Elena for not calling her and telling her about him and Damon.  He tells her he is going to back off a little bit and keep his distance.  She gets all short and snippy with him because we all realize this means he wants to keep his distance from her.

Damon is still trying to get the necklace back from Bonnie.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her.  He wants to help her get Emily off of her back.  He tells Bonnie to tell Emily, “That A deals a deal” next time she sees her.

Uh…oh my.  I ended up watching to commercial break because I was busy typing and there was a commercial for Tmobile text voting about the episode.  “Text 1 for yes and 2 for no”!?!  LOL….am I too old to watch this show…probably!

Bonnie tells Elena about Damon and gets upset and throws the necklace out in a field.  Stefan comes to Elena’s house to talk with Bonnie.  She explains about the necklace to him.  Stefan explains that Emily was Katherine’s handmaiden and she was a witch.  The necklace Bonnie had was Katherine’s, Emily gave it to her.  He says he is going to talk to Damon.

Jenna sees Alaric at the grill and is smitten.  She is talking to Jeremy  about the report he has to do and says he can go look through his dads old stuff.  Jeremy introduces Alaric to Jenna.

Stefan and Damon continue the role reversal…it’s hilarious.  Damon laughs and gives up.  He tells Stefan, “You’re really hard to imitate.”

Caroline and Bonnie are over at Elena’s house.  Caroline says she is sorry and Bonnie tells her that she threw the necklace away.  Caroline goes over to the table and comes out with, “Why are ou such a little liar Bonnie?”  She holds up the necklace which has appeared back at the house.  Elena confirms that Bonnie really did throw the necklace away.  Caroline is pissed off she isn’t in on the conversation.  Bonnie tells her it is because she doesn’t listen.

Jenna and Alaric talk about their pasts.  He asks why she left Mystic Falls in the first place.  She asks him about his past as well.  Alaric says he married young and his wife died.  It’s a cold case. 

Stefan and Damon are playing darts.  Actually some really funny interactions between them.  This episode is weird with all of the brotherly activities…

Caroline apologizes yet again to Bonnie and says she doesn’t belive all of the paranormal crap.  She tells Bonnie she is her best friend and she is supportive of her.  Caroline suggests a seance.  Her reasoning is, “This Emily chick has some serious explaining to do.”  Elena and Bonnie give in and go along with Caroline’s plan.  They call to Emily, who then begins to possess Bonnie.

Now Damon and Stefan are playing football…more weird.  Stefan finally comes out with what he wants.  He says their life with Katherine wasnt real.  She compelled them and it took him years to figure it out.  He asks Damon what he wants with the crystal.  They fight again about Katherine and about who saw her last and why.  Damon says he is going to bring her back.  He tells Stefan that before Katherine and the others were killed Damon went to Emily.  Emily performed some kind of spell to save them.  She is supposedly sealed in a tomb under the church.  The crystal got it’s power from the comet passing, both times.  Emily asked Damon to save her lineage in return.  He saved her children from death.

The Bonnie/Emily combination says she is going back to where it all began.  She tells Elena and Caroline,  “I wont let him have it.  It must be destroyed.”  Elena quickly calls Stefan and tells him about Bonnie and Emily.  Damon of course can hear the conversation and uses super-speed to confront Bonnie/Emily in the woods.  She says things have changed now.  She has to protect her family.  Damon goes for her and she throws him into a tree.

Jeremy finds the box of books and is looking through them.  Jenna and Alaric are at the front door.  It seems that Alaric can’t pass the door.  They are trying hard to make him appear to be a vampire.  Will he be???  I don’t know.

Stefan arrives in the woods and takes Damon off of the tree.  Bonnie/Emily says to Stefan that she had to save all of them to save Katherine.  It turns out that all of the people in the church were vampires.  27 of them in all.  The townspeople killed them and blamed it on an act of war.  Damon wants to unleash all of them on the town as payback.  Bonnie/Emily says she won’t free them.  She stands in the middle of a burning pentagram and destroys the pendant.

Damon is furious and attacks her, biting her neck and wounding her mortally.  Stefan allows her to drink his blood.  He explains to Elena that she won’t become a vampire unless she dies while the blood is still in her system.  Damon is still there just looking on.  He looks really sad.

Matt climbs in Caroline’s window.  He admits to her he was creeped out about what happened the other night.  He says he never liked her but he liked cuddling with her.  lol….well that’s truthful.  He also says he knows how hard it is to be alone.

Damon really seems genuinely upset.  He tells Stefan that Katherine never compelled him.  He knew everything from the beginning.  He tells Stefan that he will leave Mystic Falls now.

Elena tells Bonnie EVERYTHING about Stefan and Damon.  Elena tells Stefan that she can be with him now.  Gee…as long as it’s on your terms?  Stefan tells her he can’t be with her anymore and he has to leave.  lol!  Sorry.  You have to admit, the girl had it coming.  In a very pathetic wail she calls out to him, “So youre just going to walk away?  Nooooo Stefan, please don’t go.” 

Grrr…battery to my computer died and I nearly lost everything!

Caroline and Matt are shown bonding over junk food and TV.  The staple of every healthy relationship for two people who have no one else in the world.

Back at the Gilbert house, Logan appears at the front door and pleads with Jenna to let him in. Uh-oh….new vampire??!?!!

The episode that aired last week will be up in a day or so.  So sorry!  I will explain on Tuesday!



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21 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 9”

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  3. I’ve only watched ep 1, 2, & 3. I need to get caught up with you!

  4. You can….I think it’s all this week…or maybe next week they are replaying all of the episodes so far. Are you liking so far?

  5. I’ve been watching online. I got rid of my TV earlier this year or last year. Each of the kids have one, but I can’t seem to remember to tune in. Once, I even wrote the date on the calender and still forgot. 😦 So I’ve given up. Most everything I watch is from online now or a DVD that I pop in the computer.

    I am loving the show more so than the books. It’s that odd. I feel the same about TRUE BLOOD. I will read the books, but I like the show better. Normally, it’s the other way around.

  6. Thank you so much. > <~

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  11. this ish a copy of twilight seriously…i mean common, she looks like bella, he looks like edward, she acts like bella just a lile more social, he acts like edward, then james comes n ruins everythin, they even got alice (teh psychic girl)

  12. Hi marcus~ While I agree with you on the casting of the TV series, the show is based upon a novel series by L.J. Smith, which is about 10 years older than Twilight. So if you really want to get technical and say one copied the other….Vampire Diaries was around first.

    I will say that in the books, Elena is a blond, self-absorbed snob. When they cast Nina Dobrev, a brunette as Elena I questioned it. Then when the show came out….The Tv Elena is nothing like the book Elena. They made her…nice.

    Stefan is pretty similar in both the book and Tv show. Broody and moody…very much like Edward.

    Bonnie is a witch/psychic in both the books and TV show, but in the books she is a petite red-head, which TV Bonnie is…well..not. 🙂

    So there you have it. I both agree and disagree with you. Thanks for your opinion though.

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  16. nhá, O seriado é muiito bom, eu amei, sou viciada assisto todos os dias e posso dizer q apezar de parecer muito com o Crepúsculo, The Vampire Diaries é muitoo melhor, só não gostei de algumas coisas que foram a Isobel, a Jenna, a Lexi e o Jhon terem morrido… cara chorei pacas, principalmente cm a Jenna e a Lexi =/ pow sacanagem isso.. elas não deviam ter morrido =/

  17. i love it

  18. halo

  19. i love damon!!! hi is so beautiful!!!! ❤

  20. coroline et elena sont les +++belle

  21. damon and carolin love

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