The Vampire Diaries~ Season 1, Episode 8

“162 Candles”
original air date November 5th, 2009 on The CW

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Episode Synopsis…Don’t Read if You Don’t Want to Know What Happens 🙂
Ahhhh, it’s Thursday.  Back to Mystic Falls.  Back to highschool.  Well sort of.  There were no vampires that I know of in my highschool.  Some very, very weird people, but no vampires.  My time to relive my life of 12 years ago.  Ugh. Seriously?!?  It’s been 12 years since I was in highschool?!  Sheesh I’m old.

Okay, okay, back to Mystic Falls.  I saw the previews for this episode last week and had to laugh.  If you’ve been following along, you would know that I am not so fond of Ms. Elena right now.  She is just rubbing me the wrong way recently.  She is just so whiny and self-righteous.  I’d never thought I’d say I much prefer the selfish, egotistical Elena from the books.

vampire diaries lexi and stefanThis episode had so much going on.  Namely a former acquaintance of Stefan’s.  A beautiful, blonde, sexy acquaintance who appears on his birthday.  Her name is Lexi and she appears in the boarding house suddenly.  Stefan is so relaxed around her and happy to see her.  It’s such a nice change from horrible brooding Stefan.

The sheriff is interviewing people about Vickie’s disappearance.  Jeremy really is brainwashed.  Matt is angry at Stefan.

Lexi wakes up and Damon is in her bed  ~sigh~  if only.  He says to her, “Why are you so mean to me?”  She quickly retorts with, “Uh…have you met you?”  Whoa!  Lexi kicks ass.  She is gets mad at him and pins him down threatening him if he tries to ruin Stefan’s birthday.  She says she is older and that means stronger.

Aunt Jenna and Elena are sitting on the couch talking about boy-trouble.  Jenna got an email ‘from’ Logan saying he was leaving town and leaving her.  They both look up because Jeremy is doing….homework?!  Who is this guy and what have they done with Jeremy? 

Damon appears at the sheriff’s office with a box of vervain.  Asks a bunch of prying questions regarding how the search is going.  The sheriff tells him that the council needs to reevaluate what they know. They presumed vampires could not survive walking around during the day.  Maybe this isn’t the case.  They are going to look at anyone new to town since the murders started.

Random spot to be thinking this but, one thing I dont get is how the show goes from Stefan drugging Damon and keeping him locked in the basement with the idea of locking him forever in the family crypt to them working together like in the last episode.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESBonnie has been spending lots of time with her Grandma.  She is talking about giving the necklace back to Caroline, but Grandma insists the necklace is hers and she needs to wear it.  Reluctantly she does.  Bonnie goes to Elena’s house to cheer her up.  Cuts open a pillow.  Bonnie tells her that she has a secret and she needs to swear to not tell anyone.  Elena makes a comment about it being a bad week for secrets or something.  In front of Elena, Bonnie uses her powers to lift the feathers from the pillow into the air.  Here is something else I don’t quite get, why is Elena happy to find out her best friend is a witch, but her boyfriend being a vampire is unbearable?  Hmm….I don’t know!  The whole trick that Bonnie is able to do is kind of cool.  I’m really liking Bonnie!  Bonnie is afraid Elena will think of her as a freak.  Elena wants to know why she tell told her.  Bonnie answers with a very simple, “Because you are my best friend.  I can’t keep secrets from you.”  Well Ms. Bonnie, Elena has a pretty big secret she is keeping from you!

Caroline runs into Damon and starts to give him an earful about what an ass he is.  He uses a nonverbal compulsion and she suddenly comes out with a totally bubbly, “Oh my God…how are you?”  Damon’s face when she says it is awesome.  He compels her to host a party at the grill because he wants Stefan to come.  He says she is going to help him solve this towns little vampire problem.  He also tells her to get back the necklace from Bonnie.

Lexi tells Stefan he needs to have sex with Elena because sex makes everything better…umm isn’t this show for teens?  Way to send a good message!  Stefan explains that he wants her to be with him on her own terms…without tricks.  While they are talking, she whips out a bag of blood with a straw.  Uh oh.  Here is broody Stefan again.  She tells him not to judge.  It’s not like she is feeding on humans directly.  Damon appears and tells them about the party at the grill.  Lexi wants to go to the party.  Stefan does not.  He is afraid Damon has something up his sleeve.  Duh.  Of course he does, he’s Damon.  Lexi thinks there is no way he could do anything with such a big crowd.  Uhhh duh again…this is Damon.

VDElena shows up at the boarding house.  Lexi answers the door in her post-shower towel.  She takes one look at Elena and is stunned by her appearance.  She can’t get out more than,  “Oh my God” and a bunch of sputtered words.  Elena asks for Stefan and Lexi says he is in the shower.  Hmmm…Stefan in the shower, Lexi in just a towel.  Elena assumes the worst and is obviously jealous.  She just decides to leave. 

Lexi runs up the stairs to confront Stefan.  She yells, “Are you out of your freaking mind?!”  She picks up the picture of Katherine and says, “You have some serious explaining to do.”  He explains that she is not Katherine.  That they may look the same, but on the inside they are totally different.  Elena is selfless and real.  Lexi says, “So she’s not a raging bitch then?”  She also says something about them being related.  Stefan says he doesn’t know, he’s never looked into it.  Maybe a future plot twist?  I haven’t read past book 2 yet so I am not sure if that is something that happens in the books.  Stefan explains, “When I’m around her I completely forget who I am.”  She teasingly accuses him of being in love with her.  He responds with a pretty sweet, “Yeah. Yeah I am.”

While Lexi heads off to the party, Stefan goes to Elena’s house.  She says something about the girl in the towel.  Stefan explains that Lexi is his oldest friend.  She is 350 years old. He goes on to say that there has been nothing romantic ever.  Elena says she kept staring at her which was “weird.”  Wait, I don’t think Elena knows she looks like Katherine, does she?  Stefan wants Elena to talk to him and she doesn’t want to.  Says she can’t even tell her best friend.  Invites her to the party with him.  She says she would rather stay in.  I don’t know why, because you know she will show up.

vampire-diaries boysAt the party, Damon uses compulsion again to ask Caroline for the crystal.  She then runs into Bonnie and asks her for the crystal back.  Bonnie says she can’t give it back.  Caroline uses a funny, desperate line.  She tells Bonnie when she wears the necklace, it makes her look fat.  ~chuckle~  She tries to grab it from her neck and it shocks her.  She comes out with, “Are you wearing polyester?” LMAO.  I think I love Caroline’s character too!  Bonnie says, “What the hell is wrong with you?”  Stefan finds Matt and apologizes for Vickie.  Says he went through something similar one time and he just wanted to help her.  Matt says Vickie is just like her mother.  That he can’t count on either of them.  Poor Matt.  I actually feel bad for him.  Damon asks Caroline why she doesn’t have the necklace.  She tells him she couldn’t get it.  He is a bit brutal and tells her she is shallow and useless.

Damon goes outside and sees a young couple making out in the back.  He attacks them.

Lexi and Stefan are having a great time and Elena shows up, glaring at the two friends.  Damon comes up beside her and obviously thinks this it’s great.  He says to Elena, “Does it get tiring being so righteous?” YES!  It’s not just me.  I think I just fell in love with Damon even more.  She asks him what he did to her brother, that he’s a little too okay.  Damon says he took away the suffering.  Thats all.

A deputy drives by the alley.  Hears someone cry, “help me”.  He finds the dead body of the man.

Lexi gets thee shots of tequila.  Walks over and gives one to Elena.  They talk about how Stefan always seems uptight.  Elena is jealous that he isn’t all uptight when he is around Lexi.  Lexi says that Stefan cant be himself around Elena yet because he just told her about his condition.  Lexi shares that she was in love with a human.  Love really did conquer all.  Elena tells Lexi she is scared.  Elena is relaxing and not being all uppity.  MUCh better!  Stefan was listening to their conversation.  He thanks Lexi for talking to Elena and he smiles at her.  Yes, Stefan can smile.

In the alley, they find the girl.  She is alive.  They ask her to tell them everything that she saw.

Elena finally approaches Stefan.  She says she couldn’t miss his birthday afterall.  They BOTH are smiling!!

vampire diaries carolineCaroline is drunk.  Slips into the booth where Matt is sitting.  She tells him she doesn’t mean to be shallow.  “I’m a kiddie pool.” She says.  LOL.  She is getting one-liners as good as Damon.  Matt says he will take her home.  When they step out, her mom, the sheriff, is outside.  Her mom runs over to her and is upset that she is drunk.  Matt says he will take her home and the sheriff says not to let anyone else out of the building.

Lexi and Damon are sitting together having a conversation at the bar.  She asks Damon what he is really doing in Mystic Falls. He says he has a “diabolical master plan.”  The sheriff has brought the girl from the alley inside to point out her attacker.  She points towards Damon and Lexi.  The sheriff walks up quickly and injects Lexi with vervain.  They drag her out.  She appears to be helpless, but somehow regains strength.  They try to hold her but she escapes.  The Sheriff shoots at her and it does nothing.  Then Damon runs up and stabs her with a stake.  She squeaks out a pleading, “Why?”  He says, “It’s all part of the plan.”  Poor Lexi dies.  Darn.  I was liking Lexi.  Bad Damon.

Matt carries Caroline to bed and tucks her in.  She looks up pleadingly at Matt.  “Do you ever feel that there is not a person in the world that loves you?” she says to him.  I never thought about it, but these two are really unfortunate characters.  Matt has a tear running down his face.  Poor Matt.  She asks him to stay and he does.

Stefan, who saw the whole incident with Lexi and Damon, will not stay and talk to Elena.  He doesn’t understand why Elena wants to save Damon.  She says she isn’t trying to save him.  She is trying to save Stefan from what he might do.  He tells her, “You were right to stay away from me.”  Now Elena wants to talk and Stefan is all moody.  Elena is left standing there with the sad look again. ~sigh~ I thought we were going to have a less-whiny Elena for a while.  Oh well.

Stefan finds Damon and attacks him.  They fight but Stefan overpowers him.  Damon says he did it for them.  To throw the vampire hunters off of their trail.  Stefan stabs him with a stake, but not through the heart.  It doesn’t kill him, I think.  Stefan leaves and Damon pulls the stake out.

vampire diaries BonnieBonnie is having a dream where she is running through the woods.  She sees her ancestor, the one from 1864.  She says, simply, “It’s coming”. Wha????  Okay, what is “it”?  Damon?  Or something else.  Hmmmmm.  The preview for next weeks episode didn’t tell me much.  Well I guess I will have to wait.


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~ by jennifermorrill on November 6, 2009.

9 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries~ Season 1, Episode 8”

  1. Thanks for the synopsis…I really wanted to like this show, but it was just too teen soapy for me and not enough fun vampire stuff and Stefan is too weak and moody and Damon is too weird and evil and Elena too winy and everyone that is non vampire is just way too good looking for teenagers in a small town. I mean really every girl is skinny and looks like they’re heading to a modeling job every morning for school???? So I really want to read the books to see how similar it is…and you’re not that old! I was in high school 11 years ago! he he

  2. Heather~ It is very teen soapy. Dawson’s creek with vampires most definately. I can’t seem to stop watching it though. A guilty pleasure maybe? I find myself rooting for the bad guys lol.

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