The Vampire Diaries~ Season 1, Episode 7

Original air date 10/29/09 on The CW

Vamp Diaries crowEpisode Synopsis…Don’t Read if You Don’t Want Spoilers
When we last left Mystic Falls, Vickie was coming to terms with her new vampire status.  I somehow missed that there was no episode last week and was really disappointed when I went to watch the episode on my DVR.

The episode starts with Tyler alone in the parking lot.  Vickie appears and is all over him.  Tyler is actually being nice.  He offers to take her home and get her something to eat.  When did Tyler become nice?  Did I miss something?  She talks about how hungry she is and then goes all crazy vampire on him.  Then Stefan and……..wha??!!  Damon???!  appear together and grab Vickie and erase Tyler’s memory, but not before Tyler calls Damon “dude”.  LOL!  Damon retorts with, “Dude?  Really?”

We then cut to Elena fake-sleeping.  I don’t think Nina Dobrev is a bad actress really, except when she needs to be crying or sleeping.  It’s just so….fake.  And without purpose.  Why did she need to be fake-sleeping?

vamp diares castAny who…Vickie calls Matt from the boarding house, but will only tell him she is okay.  Damon, who is with Stefan, apparently babysitting Vickie, is upset that there is nothing about him killing Logan in the papers.  Vickie keeps whining about how hungry she is so Stefan gives her some kind of animal blood.  Damon cracks me up.  He is like that uncle who sneaks a glass of wine to the kids at Christmas.  The one who is always the bad influence.   He maintains his position that Vickie needs human blood and explains his philosophy of, “Snatch.  Eat.  Erase” 

Elena shows up at the boarding house all uppity.  LOVE Damon’s attitude with her.  I’ve wanted to smack her lately.  I’m definitely a fan of selfish Elena in the books rather than what I feel, is a producer’s idea of the nice girl that everyone will relate with.  It just doesn’t happen like that.

So Elena finally gets past Damon and talks to Stefan.  She comes out with one of my favorite lines when speaking about Vickie, “So what, she’s a Vampire with issues?”  LOL…Okay I will give TV Elena that one.   Elena Is upset because she has to lie to everyone she cares about…blah blah blah.  Sheesh shut up already!

Thankfully we cut to a scene with Bonnie and her Grandma talking about being a witch and their family history.  Everyone apparently knows her grandma is a witch but no one believes it.  She talks about teaching occult at the university. 

Mayor Lockwood and Mrs. Lockwood are at The Grill.  They can’t believe they trusted Logan with the watch.  The are still looking for the vampire.  Damon is sitting at the bar listening to them.  With the ‘Damon-grin’ on his face. 

Caroline gives Bonnie a witch costume for the Halloween party.  Along with the costume, she gives her the brown necklace she got from Damon.

Stefan is being the self-righteous ‘good’ vampire, trying to teach Vickie how to be a good vampire like him.  I hate to say it, I’m rooting for the ‘bad’ guy.  Damon is so much less annoying than Elena AND Stefan.  Maybe I’m just in a mood?  When Stefan leaves the room, Vickie whips out her cell phone to try to get a hold of Jeremy.  Elena tries to get Vickie to stay away from Jeremy and Vickie attacks her.  Pins her to the wall by her throat.  The look on Elena’s face is priceless.  I know Im not supposed to root for bad stuff to happen to her, but she needs to get off of her high horse. 

When Stefan returns, Elena tells him about Vickie.  He kind of sticks uo for her and tells Elena that “love, lust, anger, and desire all into one urge hunger.”  He tells her, “I’m not going to let anyone get hurt”. know someone will be hurt now.

Damon wants to let Vickie have fun.  He admits to Vickie that he turned her into a vampire because he was bored.  He takes her outside and teaches her the super-fast movement trick(not sure what to call it…) and she vanishes. He comes out with “uhhh…my bad” LOL!

Vickie goes back to her house, but can’t get in to the house.  She doesn’t know about her limitations.  Matt invites her in.  Vickie wants to act like all of the things happening are no big deal.  Stefan goes to Matt and Vickie’s house and Vickie tells her brother not to let him in. 

Jeremy is still pining for Vickie.  Elena still tries to be all motherly and tell Jeremy that he can’t see Vickie.  Big surprise, he gets mad at her too.  Vickie texts him to meet her at the Halloween party.  She shows up as a vampire…wait wasnt that Stefan in the books?  Yup, think so.  Elena goes as a naughty nurse Matt as the doctor. These were their costumes from last year when they were together.  Caroline and Bonnie show up at the party and talk to Tyler.  He offers them drinks.  Bonnie declines, but Caroline comes out with, “I’m going to drink until someone is hot enough to make out with.”   hahahaha



Damon approaches Mrs. Lockwood at the bar.  They share some mutual flirtation when the subject of uncle Zach comes up.  In case you haven’t been following, Damon killed his unlce a few episodes back.  Damon tries to do the vampire mind trick on her, but she has a charm on presumably filled with vervain.  Mrs. Lockwood explains that Zach was a member of the council.  Damon guesses that Mrs. Lockwood wants to talk to Zach regarding the vervain and tries to get information from her without using powers.  She mentions that anyone who arrived during the day to the founders party was eliminated as a possible vampire.  He and Mrs. Lockwood head off to the party.

Damon finds Bonnie and asks about Caroline.  He sees the necklace around Bonnie’s neck and asks for it back.  He tells her he is going to take it if she doesn’t give it to him.  He grabs for it and it burns his hands.  Bonnie takes off running.  She runs to her grandmothers house.  Her grandmother explains to Bonnie that the necklace turns out to be Bonnie’s great great grandmother’s.  She shows her pictures of her wearing it.  You’ll never guess the date on the picture.  Yup. 1864.

Elena finds out that Vickie is at the party.  She knows that Jermey is off trying to find her.  She tries to find Jeremy before Vickie does.  Stefan ends up finding Vickie first.  Matt gets defensive over Vickie and tries to go after Stefan.  Vickie runs off again and finds Jeremy.

Vickie and Jeremy are having a serious make-out session when Jeremy gets cut.  Vickie says she is going to leave somewhere and wants Jeremy to go with her.  Says they can be together forever.   The blood is too much for Vickie.  She does crazy vampire face and goes after him.  Elena finds them and then Vickie attacks her.  Stefan comes just in time and grabs Vickie but she runs off again.  He sends Elena away but before she gets inside, Vickie finds Elena and attacks her.   She bites her hard in the shoulder then…….STEFAN!?!…..yes Stefan, kills Vickie.  He grabs a piece of wood and shoves it through her.

Vamp diaries dead vickieYup…she’s dead this time.  I don’t think Vickie will be surviving this one.

Stefan calls Damon for help.  Elena waits with Vicki’s body while Stefan takes Jeremy.  I don’t really understand why…but I suppose that doesn’t matter.  Damon arrives and Elena confronts him.  He doesn’t even bat an eye and comes out with, “You confuse me for someone with remorse”.   Elena tries to smack Damon, becaus eyou totally would hit someone who you know is a vampire and a killer. SMART.  Eventually he seems to just let her slap him.  He tells her she needs to leave…which is more of a threat than anything else.   he reminds her that her wounds are bleeding.   She runs off.  Damon stands over Vickie’s body and actually seems sorry that she is dead. 

Elena is really mean to Stefan when she gets home.  She kind of snaps, “Where is he?”  like it was his fault.  Jeremy is very upset.  He cries to Elena, “Why does everyone have to die on me?”  Poor kid!  Elena asks Stefan to erase Jeremy’s memory.  He says he isn’t strong enough.  But Damon appears and says he will do it.  Wha?!  Damon is being nice?  Damon is really growing on me.  A lot.  I might begin swooning soon.  Stefan seems crushed that Damon can help Elena in ways he can’t.  Elena says wishes she could forget everything about Stefan and everything that has happened.  But she can’t.  She tells him, “I cant lose the way I feel about you.”

Damon emerges from Elena’s house.  He looks at Elena and Stefan and says, “It’s done.”

Next week….Someone named Lexi shows up and seems very friendly with Stefan.  lol  Elena has competition!

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Sorry this post is a bit late.  I usually watch the episode off of my DVR on a Friday, but with Halloween, it just didn’t happen.



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  10. i just watched the season finle for vampire diaries!

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