Vampire Diaries Season 1, Episode 6

“Lost Girls”
Original air date 10/15/2009 on The CW

cw-promo-vampire-diaries-11Episode Synopsis

So we were left with a bit of a cliffhanger last week.  Elena to Stefan, “What are you?!”

For some odd reason they repeated the last minute of last weeks show.  Not in the usual, ‘previously on The Vampire Diaries…” kinf of way.  They did all of that and then repeated last weeks show before starting this weeks.

We start of with 1864 Stefan meeting Katherine for the first time.  There are some flashbacks throughout the episode.

Boom…we are back to the present.  Stefan says to Elena, “You know” in answer to her question. Then “yes you do”, “no I don’t”, “Yes you do”, “No you tell me”.  Sheesh!  They sounded like 5 year-olds! Finally he replies with, “I’m a vampire”  and Elena takes off like any normal person would do.  Stefan gets the sad puppy-eyes.  I have to say, puppy-dog-eyes Stefan is pretty cute.  Elena is totally freaked out by what Stefan has told her.  Stefan appears in her bedroom to try and talk to her and explain what is happening.  He tells her, “You can hate me, but I need you to trust me”.  Huh?!  I don’t know about you, but I tend not to trust people I hate.  She just wants him to go.  This whole time her window has been wide open.  Maybe I’m conditioned to California life where you would keep that window closed for a few reasons., but seriously…you just found out there are vampires.  But now that I think about it, how would locking your window keep all the baddies out? Stefan leaves but is all stalker-like outside of Elena’s house.

the-vampire-diaries-cast-pictureIn the last episode, Damon attacked Vickie in the cemetary with her friends.  He has now feasted on Vickie’s friends and then starts to set fire to their bodies.   He calls Stefan and asks for his ring back, then comes out with one of the funniest lines of the episode.  Stefan asks where he is and Damon replies with, “I’m at the Sizzler.  I had the buffet.”  I love Damon’s character!  Vickie is not dead surprisingly. Damon then says what I was thinking to Vickie, “You just don’t wanna die do you?”

Elena decides to meet with Stefan to talk.  She asks him all the vampire-related questions.  Garlic? Edible. Sunlight? Rings protect against it.  Crucifixes? Decorative.  Holy water?  Drinkable.  Mirrors?  Myth?  The whole exhange was informative, but rather quick!  Elena asks about Caroline and Damon.  Why didn’t Stefan stop him?  She wants to know if there are there any other vampires in Mystic Falls.   Stefan tells her, “There was a time when Mystic Falls was very aware of vampires.  It didn’t end well for anyone.”

Stefan takes Elena to the site of his old 1864 home which is now ruins.  She notices how old the ruins are and says, “How long have you….??”  To which he replies,  “I’ve been 17 years old since 1864.”  He explains that before the boarding house this was the family home.  We flash back to 1864 again and see that Damon and Stefan were best friends until Katherine shows up.  She sems very flirty for 1864.  Both boys fall for her head-over-heels.  Stefan says, “She wasn’t just any girl.”  We learn that Damon was a confederate soldier.  Katherine wanted someone to escort her to the Founder’s Ball.  Both boys volunteer, but according to Stefan, she goes with him in the end.  Elena says, “So thats when Damon got mad.  And Stefan replies with, “Thats the thing about Damon.  He doesn’t get mad.  He gets even.” 

He explains further, “What Damon wants,  Damon gets.”  Although Ketherine chose Stefan, that night Katherine was with him too.  Katherine and Stefan are showed quite intimate.  So I’m wondering if “with her” means with her.   They are kissing and embracing passionately and then she goes all crazy vampire on him.  I like the crazy vampire Elena…er…I mean Katerine!  

When Stefan wakes up, Katherine uses mind-control on him.  She uses her powers to compel both Damon and Stefan to keep the secret from each other.  She had a plan for the three of them to be together always.

Elena wants to know about mind control…if Stefan ever did it to her.  He explains about the necklace with the vervain in it.  He tells her to NEVER take the necklace off.

The Sheriff and Logan find the bodies.  They decide to tell the public it was a drug deal gone bad, although they know it was a vampire.  They find Vickie’s wallet at the scene.

Damon is trapped at the house.  Wants his ring so he can go out in the daylight again.  He has brought the injured Vickie with him.  He decides to allow her to feed on him which invigorates her.  And of course comes out with another great one liner, “I’m so going to regret this.”

Vickie is running around in her panties at the hoarding house.  She does’nt remember anything.  Damon tells her everything and she just says, “Ok.”  Then comes out with, “Can I have another hit?  That blood was so good.” Ugh…just ugh.

vampire-diaries-promo-pic_380x483Vickie and Damon are having a fantastic two-person party.  She is still dancing around in her panties.  Damon uses some vampire moves and rhen comes out with a sexy Damon dance to a new version of “Enjoy the Silence” originally by Depeche Mode.  (All I ever wanted All I ever needed is here in my arms).  Then the twosome is shown trashing Stefans room.  Then their party seems to slow down a bit and they are slow-dancing.  Vickie begins to verbalize all of her problems.  Oddly Damon seems to be listening.  He says to her, “I think I know what can help you…death.”  Then ~crack~ Damon snaps her neck.  Ouch.

Vickie wakes up in undead form, however, she is not yet a vampire.  She asks Damon, “What happened?”  He tells her,   “We were dancing and… I killed you!”  He informs Vickie that she must drink from a human to complete the transformation.  She just wants to leave.  He suggests he go to Jeremy’s house…for less-than innocent reasons. 

Vickie arrives at Jeremy’s home and she is HUNGRY.  She thinks it is food she is craving and raids the fridge.  I laughed through this scene.  The is something fantastic about seeing a skinny girl shove food in her face.  Jeremy calls Matt, Vickie’s brother, to come help with her.  They see the news report about Vickie’s friends.  She shoves Jeremy with super-human strength.  Stefan and Elena arrive and he knows what is wrong with her.  He tells Elena she is ‘transitioning’.  If she doesn’t feed on human blood she will die.  She may only have a few hours to live.  Vickie freaks out again and takes off into the woods.  Stefan runs off to track her down.

The Mayor, Sheriff, and Logan are using the watch to create some sort of vampire tracking device.  Why they give it to Logan I dont know.  I kind of knew at that point he was going to be toast.  They send Logan with a gun with wood bullets and a steak.  Uh-oh…you know this is going to end badly.  The Vampire tracking device locates something, someone rather, Vickie.

Damon appears at Elena’s house while everyone is off looking for Vickie.  He shoves his way in and is opening agressive with her.  She sends Jeremy upstairs.  And he goes?!  What teenaged boy would leave his sister alone with some guy who was being that pushy and jerky?  He wants to find Stefan.  She tells him he went to find Vickie.

Stefan finds Vickie and she is beginning to remember everything that happened.  Even Stefan and Damon on the rooftop with her.  Stefan is trying to help Vickie and answer her questions when ~bang~ Logan shoots him with a wood bullet.  He is about to stake him when…wait for it….DAMON saves him!  While Damon is tending to Stefan, removing the wood bullet he tells him, “If anyone is going to kill you it’s going to be me”  They are distracted when Vickie decides to have some Logan-snack.  Whoopsie… 

The Sheriff and Deputy find Logan’s body and are looking for the watch.  Stefan returns bleeding to Elena.  He explains that Vickie fed but promises to help her.  He tells Elena, “We will come up with a story.”  She says, “You mean we will come up with a lie.”   She apologizes to him and says, “I am so sorry. I gave you today just like you asked….I can’t be with you Stefan.”  She goes inside and begins crying behind the door.  Sort-of.  It was like she was trying to make herself upset over it even though she wasn’t.

No Bonnie?  No Caroline?  Boo!  Next week the Halloween party!  lol!  Elena is shown asking Stefan, “So what?  She’s a vampire with issues?”

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  2. I keep saying that I am going to watch these shows, but haven’t had the time yet.

  3. J. Kaye~ I’m pretty sure you can watch them on CW’s website now. I can never watch the show on Thursdays. I DVR it and usually watch it on the weekends.

  4. You can, but it’s not a simple click and view. You have to download the whatever and I haven’t had the time. I will though!

  5. I Cant wait for the new season to come out the first one was good.

  6. The Vampire Diaries is the BEST show ever! I LOVED episode 6! Jennifer Morrill is both an EXCELLENT writer and FUNNY summarizer. Anyone who doesn’t have time two watch the show should make it!

  7. i just started watching it and i’m obsessed i search the web for more episodes i’m mad that it only comes on at 8 but only on thursday and friday

  8. i seen all the shows my favorite is the turning point

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  10. i love vampire diaries ♥

  11. omg omg i love the series and the books!!

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  17. paul you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy

  18. I love VD vrey much. I am tolatlly team damon!!!!! He is very dangious and dark, tall, and handsome!

  19. You can watch them all on cucirca… i have watched all 14 episodes in 1 week

  20. oh i love the show and i just started the first book so far it is better then the moves..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  22. stog gone stop gone ader a dance floor

  23. The Vampire Diaries is my favourit serious

  24. OMG i luv ur show!! its my personal favorites now!!!!!!


  26. twilight or vampire diaries? VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!!!!!!!

  27. the next person leaving a comment, can u type in when the next vampire diaries episode will show? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!

  28. omg, props to the person who saw the 14 episodes in one week!!!

  29. the show rocks

  30. when’s the season 2 be showing? can’t wait to see it

  31. The is. Show is awesome

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