The Vampire Diaries~ Season 1, Episode 4

Family Ties
On The CW
Originally aired October 1st, 2009

Vampire Diaries Sexy PromoEpisode Recap
Damon has been stalking around Elena’s house at night and she has been having nightmares involving him, one involving her death.  Damon also continues to torment Stefan using his superior powers from feeding on humans.  There is a scene where Damon stabs Stefan with a knife and Stefan pulls up his shirt.  Holy Abs!

The Founder’s Day celebration is near and Elena invites Stefan to accompany her.  Stefan comments that the Salvatore’s aren’t invited anymore. 

LOL!! Damon is reading one of the Twilight books and makes the comment, “What’s so special about this Bella girl?  Edward is so whipped!”  Caroline seems to know Damon is a vampire since she inquires, “Why don’t you sparkle?” and then Damon replies with, “Because I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.”  Showing her his ring that doesn’t allow him to burn.  She also has bite marks all over her body and Damon explains they will not turn her into a vampire, she has to feed on his blood, die, and feed on a human. 

Damon and Stefan’s uncle, Zach, has a run-in with Damon as well.  He shows Stefan a special collection of vervain (an herb which decreases the powers of vampires) growing in his home.  I’m not sure of the uncle’s role still.  It’s confusing to me.  In the books, Stefan is staying at a boarding house.  I haven’t read past The Struggle so I’m not sure if something weird happens with the owner.  She is kind of a weirdo anyways.  Stefan tries to poison Damon with the help of his Uncle using vervain, but he doesn’t fall for it.  They try to find another way. 

Damon uses Caroline to get a “secret” to Elena.  Caroline tells Bonnie that Damon and Stefan’s real issue stems from a their relationship with Katherine.  The story told to Elena is that Katherine chose Damon over Stefan.  Stefan goes crazy and does everything he can to turn Katherine against Damon, manipulating the situation.  Wow…just typing that made my head hurt!

Vampire Diaries castIn the beginning of the episode, Elena has gotten some of her parents possessions out of a safe deposit box.  Jeremy is upset about it and it seems he just wants money for the possessions. Jeremy steals a pocket watch from the box and Elena accuses him of selling it on eBay to pay for his drugs.  Jeremy tells Elena that the watch should be his.  It belonged to his father and has been passed down to the first-born son.  Being the first born son, the watch would have been his, but his father died.  After contemplating the issue, Elena goes back to Jeremy and gives the watch to him.

Caroline’s mother is the sheriff, a bit of a twist from the book.  Caroline mentions to her mother that her dad is “In Memphis. With Steven.” Interesting….Steven….

Aunt Jenna mentions she used to date Logan, the Tv reporter and that is why she left Mystic Falls in the first place.  He seeks her out and the party and asks for another chance.  Logan continues to try to rekindle things.  He wants a second chance to make things right.  Jenna says “Her name was Monica right?” and walks off.  He tries again later, and Jenna finally relents and agrees to lunch only.

Elena reads the original guest register and sees Stefan and Damon Salvatore signed the register.  Damon comes up and says those were the “original” Salvatore brothers.  He says he will tell her a story about them.  He apologizes for trying to kiss Elena at the football game and then tells her about  the battle of Willow Creek.  Confederate soldiers fire upon the a church full of civilians.  The civilians were thought to be Union supporters.  The brother’s had someone they cared about in that church.  There was a woman whom they both loved inside.  They tried to save her but the original  Stefan and Damon were killed by the soldiers along with the people in the church. 

Tyler is hiding her relationship with Vickie, like he is embarrassed.  Vickie picks up on this and is distressed.  We find out that Tyler’s father is mayor.  His mother is EVIL.  I can’t think of the name of the actress, but I’ve seen her before.  She confronts Tyler about Vickie and makes a comment about bringing the trash to the party.

Elena asks Stefan to hear more about Katherine.  She wants him to open up to her.  Stefan gets defensive and immediately suspicious of Damon.  Elena then gets upset that he is making it about Damon and they argue about it.  Stefan accuses her of letting Damon turn her against him.

Damon finds a “very important crystal” in one of the boxes that is being used on display.  Caroline says he is stealing and Damon says he put it there a long time ago.

Tyler’s mother asks Elena where the watch is.  She is very persistent and it seems odd she would ask about the watch and ask that Elena bring it to her when she finds it when they are already at the Founder’s Day party.

Elena sees the bite marks on Caroline’s body.  Caroline freaks out and runs off.  Elena confronts Damon.  Tells him she will go straight to her mother if he doesn’t leave her alone.  Elena apologies to Stefan and tells him about the bite marks.  Elena begs Stefan for an explanation.  He sees Damon dragging Caroline off and says he has to go.  Damon begins to feed on Caroline to kill her but stops, gasping and sputtering.  Stefan has spiked Caroline’s drink to poison Damon.  Stefan puts the weakened Damon in his uncle’s secret stash of vervain plants.

Tyler’s mother, Caroline’s mother and Logan are all having a secret meeting.  They want “the Gilbert Watch”  Logan awakeningstrugglesays he can get it.  They say they are going to need it.  There has been 5 bodies all drained of blood….they are back.

Fortunately my DVR didn’t cut off the last 30 seconds this time!  I set it to record 3 min over the end time and it worked.  In case you haven’t noticed, I am recapping all of the VD episodes (lol…VD…I have to think of another abbreviation!) for Amy’s Vampire Diaries Challenge.  If you haven’t already, join in!  It’s fun!



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  3. Heh… I like how Damon tossed the Twilight book aside with, “They got it all wrong.”

  4. LOL @ La Coccinelle – I can’t wait to get this on DVD!

  5. great recap. i like how we’re learning about this set of vampires little by little. i especially like the big reveal of a vampire hunting group.

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  13. ngaw ilove this i’m so into vampire diaries and ijust want to thank you i’m so greatful because i’ve missed some episodes so i’m kind of lost but this really helps

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