My Very Own Newbery Awards Challenge

Something I have always wanted to do is read all of the recipients of the John Newbery Award and the honors books. I know some other bloggers share my desire, so I thought I would come up with a little challenge, more for my own personal reasons than any other. I need to challenge myself to get it done!!

I will have a challenge button soonish…whenever my lovely husband makes me one because I no longer have photoshop on this computer!

I would love it if others would join in! These are my guidelines:

1.Enter any time between October 1st, 2009 and September 30th, 2010.
2.If you have a blog, review your post and post to Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post.
3.Read twelve Newberry Award Winners or Honors in one of the following ways;
ABC Order by Author~ Pick your books using ABC order of the author’s last name, either A-L or M-Z. (There are no authors with the letters Q, X, and Z…you pick to fill in the final space) See THIS page for a list of Newbery’s Alphabetical by Author

ABC Order by Title~ Pick your books using ABC order of the first letter of the title not including the words “The” and “A” when they come first.  (There are no books that begin with the letter “X”)  Pick a set of 12 letters to use and go with it.  See THIS page for Newbery’s listed Alphabetically by Title.

By Winners Only~ Self explanatory, You pick 12 winners of your choice

By Year~ The Newbery’s have been going since 1922.  Several years have only one winner, no honors.  So…there are 87 years to choose from.  The challenge:  You pick a 12 year block and read one book for each year in that block.  See THISpage for my list of Newbery Awards by year won.

Random/You Pick~  The easiest way to enter.  Just pick any 12 winners or honor books. 

I have pages on the left hand side of my sidebar listing all of the Newbery Award Winners and Honors in several different ways. I’m weird, so, although it took me a while to do it, I’m happier hat I did. (weird isn’t it!)

Enter by commenting and let me know which route you are going to take.  Then, when you’ve read and reviewed (or if you don’t have a blog, just read) come back and link your review by clicking on ‘ol Mister Linky.  Enter your links in the following way: Your name or Blog Name (Book read) and then be sure you link to the REVIEW, not your homepage.

If you want to super-duper challenge yourself, pick two ways….or if you are doing anything alphabetical, pick one for each letter. 

I hope some people will join me in the fun.  I love YA, but Newbery’s need to be read too!  I’m going to try and find some cool giveaways and things to go along with this as well. 


p.s. Be nice!  I’ve never done anything like this before!

p.p.s Thank you to J. Kaye for helping me with Mister Linky!


~ by jennifermorrill on September 27, 2009.

10 Responses to “My Very Own Newbery Awards Challenge”

  1. How exciting! I’ll post this on twitter!

  2. Wow, I just posted a similar challenge! Minds think alike!

  3. J. Kaye~ You rock! You know I am afraid of Twitter still!

    Bri~ lol! Cool! This is the first challenge I’ve ever done. I’m really just challenging myself, but I thought others might want to join me. If I have other people doing it, I’m less likely to procrastinate and get off schedule!

  4. I too have the goal of reading all the Newbery Award Winners and Honors books. There are just so many! And I want to read all the Hugo Award Winners and Nominees and the Nebula Award Winners and Nominees. Aargh!

  5. Join me Cara! Join, join, join!! I tried just saying I was going to read them….but then I would set them aside for other picks, usually something YA. I really WANT to read them, but I know if I make it “official” I will actually do it! I might try and double my list! Most Newbery’s aren’t horribly long…we will see!

  6. in response to your email. Really, not spamming.

  7. Ah ha! You forgot the ‘S’ last time! I tried to visit, but your link took me to a website in some foreign language!

  8. i’m gonna join you. just have to get my list together. ;-D

  9. Yes! You rock! I took the easy route and did pick and choose. I took the 12 I had on my shelf to start with. I will probably go by year or alphabet next time around. I need to get on the hubby to make me my button.

  10. […] to my ‘official’ Newbery Challenge I am hosting.  Please feel free to join in!  Click HERE for deatils or to post and read the reviews of others.  One down, twelve to go!  Here is my list […]

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