The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 3

“Friday Night Bites”
Original Air Date: Thursday, September 24th, 2009
Based upon the series by L.J. Smith

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Vampire Diaries castEpisode Recap

Tyler, who I think is cast perfectly, has it out for Stefan.  When Stefan tries out for the football team, Tyler tries his hardest to make Stefan look foolish. Stefan, however, having supernatural abilities excels at football.  Mr. Tanner, the history teacher and the football coach in the series, allows him on the team despite his inital reluctance.  Stefan has a quite funny “battle of the dates” in history class with the teacher.

Elena was on the cheerleading team before her parents died. Her skills seem to have diminished, and Caroline, the captain, moves her out of the front row (~gasp~ the nerve!) and to the back row.  She decides it is all too much and quits the team.

Caroline was in bed with Damon the last time we saw her, and then the episode ended with her screaming and Damon doing his scary vampire face.  It seems that Damon has decided to use Caroline as his personal lunch box.  He then uses his powers to effectively brainwash her.  Together, they show up at Elena’s house during dinner.  Elena was trying to get Bonnie to like Stefan.  She’s had bad feelings toward Stefan after she handed him Elena’s number and had a psychic vision.

Elena invites Damon in despite Stefan’s attempts to persuade her not to.  In the book, it is Elena’s almost-uncle who invites Damon to dinner.  Elena knows what Damon is at this point and is furious.  Damon cannot, however, enter Elena’s room because it is part of the old house, and he had only been invited into the new part of the house.  I liked that part of the book.  I don’t know why.  I’m trying hard not to judge the series by the book.  It’s going to have to be different.  I just feel the need to add in things I thought were cool from the book that were left out of the series.  Stefan wins Bonnie over in the end by talking about how strong the Salem witches from which Bonnie has descended are.

What is high school without high school football?  Of course there had to be a game.  Before the game, there is drama.  Jeremy is at the game and has been drinking.  He and Tyler have had continuous run-ins over Vickie, who is Matt’s sister in the series.  Tyler goes after Jeremy and Jeremy tries to cut Tyler with a bottle.  Stefan rushes in and breaks it up but gets cut in the process.  Being a vampire, he heals quickly, but Elena has seen him get cut.  He tries to convince her it just wasn’t his blood.  She accepts it but isn’t convinced.  Stefan has also give Elena a necklace with protective herbs in it.  This keeps Damon from using his powers on her.  He tries to kiss her…but gets a slap in the face instead.  Why is seeing someone cheeky get slapped in the face?

Stefan and Matt get over their difference and begin to have a friendship, which Damon sees and taunts Stefan for it.  Stefan tries to show Damon that part of his humanity remains, no matter how hard he wants to pretend it doesn’t.  This infuriates Damon who rushes in and attacks Mr. Tanner who has just come out to find Stefan.  Mr. Tanner is killed by Damon in the book, but this is a bit different.

I would love to tell you the very end, but my DVR cut off the end of the episode. 🙂  That was pretty much it.  I missed the last 30 seconds.  I’m liking the show, although it is very teen-based and totally different from the book.  I’m not holding it to the standard of the book because in the end, it’s a series that has to go on and on and writers need a bit of creative liberty with the series.  It is merely “based” on the book.  I say relax and let yourself enjoy it!



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11 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 3”

  1. I would have screamed! (lol) I know it’s only the last 30 seconds, but still. Ugh!

  2. Yeah…I made some kind of noise and might have said a naughty word or two.

  3. good point on tv writers needing to be able to take creative liberties. i’m liking the show despite differences from the book series which i’m still barely getting into.

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  11. i loooove vampire diariess…..
    it is awsome soooooo keep up the good work lisa!!!!!!!!!!
    also i LOVE alll your books!!!! ❤ .<

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