The Vampire Diaries- Book One and Episode Two

Book One~ The Awakening
by L.J. Smith

Episode Two, “The Night of the Comet” air date 9/17/09 on The CW

Vampire Diaries Sexy PromoI’m making this a combined post so I don’t overwhelm readers with too much Vampire Diaries…

awakeningstruggleIt was apparent to me within the first few pages that the book is waaaaaaay different than the series. Some very big changes involve Elena. In the book she is blonde, concieted, and really a bit of a snotty brat. I can kind of see why you might want to change this for a television series. In a book you can get away whith having a main character who is not necessary likable as long as they are believable. (There was a whole post dedicated to this at Amy’s blog @ My Friend Amy)  In a series, I think it is probably more important to have the main character be likable. It’s okay to have those characters you “love to hate” as supporting cast, but in general, it isn’t a main character. The only exception in the shows I watch that I can think of is Dr. Gregory House in House. He isn’t really a likable character, but I love him!

Some other changes involve supporting characters.  I’m not so bothered about the changes in physical appearence of the characters, but there are some major ones left out or morphed into someone different.  The book has Elena having a very little sister named Margaret, and of course if you’ve seen the series she has a younger teen-aged brother named Jeremy.  One of her best friends, Meredith is absent and replaced with only Bonnie on the TV show.

Another major difference is the way in which Stefan and Elena meet and interact.  In the book, Stefan tries to stay away from Elena, whereas in the series he seeks her out from the beginning.  Oh, also Stefan is a bit naughtier in the book and dines on the occasional human.

Okay, away from all of the difference, because they really don’t matter.  A book is alway going to differ from a live-action production, be it a movie or a series.  Sometimes changes are a necessary part of the filming process.  They are separate forms of entertainment and for this series at least, I am going to try and do my best to keep them that way.  I am going to attempt to enjoy the story of Stefan, Elena, and Damon in both forms! 🙂

Book One, The Awakening first (not to be confused with another book of the same title, which I loved, by Kelley Armstrong).  I’m so glad The World’s Best Husband got me this book.  Although book one and book two (The Struggle) are packaged as one, I wanted to get my review of The Awakening out at the same time as the showing of episode two.

A deeper delve into the background behind Stefan, The Awakening explores why he became a vampire and I think portrays Stefan as a very romantic being.  You are almost instantly treated to flashbacks of his former life with the lovely Katherine, his overbearing father, and his rebellious brother Damon.

As I said before, you also get a peek inside Elena and she isn’t the pretty, super-nice, girl-next-door that she is portrayed as in the series.  She is real.  She is the queen of the school and she knows it.  She is that girl who knows she is pretty and can have anyone she wants, and she has no problem stepping on others to get there.  It’s much more hmmm….rough…maybe?!?  She isn’t likeable, especially in the beginning, but she is realistic.  Who went to school where the most popular girl in school was not only beautiful, but nice and humble?  Not me, thats for sure!  The popular girls in my school were stuck up little snobs…just like Elena.

One thing that did strike me when I was reading the book was the names of the characters.  They all seemed so out of place.  Stefan and Damon were okay, because they are meant to be out of place.  The others; Elena, Margaret, Meridith, Bonnie, Judith…it was almost like you stepped into an old folks home!!

Dare I say it????????  Part of me likes this story better than Twilight.  Edward will always have a special place in my heart…heck, my dog is named Edward!  I think I will just say that I like the story of Twilight better, but the writing of Vampire Diaries better.  If that makes any sense at all??! 

On to Episode Two, “The Night of the Comet“…

CW Promo Poster Vampire DiariesOn the last episode of Vampire Diaries, we were really just introduced to the characters and started to feel the chemistry between Elena and Stefan.  We also were treated to a glimpse of the sibling rivalry and downright hatred between Stefan and his very different brother, Damon.  We are left with a girl being attacked seemingly by an animal in the woods, but unlike the other vicitms, she doesn’t die.  When she wakes up, she says one word about her attack, “vampire”.  Caroline and Bonnie are in the coffee shop when Caroline looks up and shares a flirty glance with Damon.

Hehehe that was fun.  Super summary!  I shall try to be a bit more descriptive with this one! 

In “The Night of the Comet”, well, there is a comet. 🙂  In addition to the comet, the romance between Elena and Stefan is heating up.  My brain is finding it really hard to differentiate between book and show at the moment which I suppose means someone has done their job right!  I keep typing things and having to go back and erase because I’m thinking book not show.  Okay lets try this again.

The rivalry between Stefan and Damon is becoming more and more apparent.  Vickie wakes up in the hospital hysterical after her attack by Damon.  Stefan knows that this will cause problems for not only him, but also his uncle (who btw is not in the book so I’m not sure about his uncle…).  He tries to change Vickie’s memory of the event and convinces her, for a while at least that the attack was by an animal, nothing more.  Damon reveals to us that Stefan’s powers will not be as strong as his because of his choice of well…erm…dinner.

Vickie remains convinced for a while but Damon, determined to show Stefan the error of his ways, keeps showing up and jogging Vickie’s memory.  He then abducts her.  Everyone is out looking for the disappeared Vickie, whom Jeremy gave pills to (I think Jeremy is there for the ‘Say No to Drugs’ because this guy is a looser part).  Stefan seems to know where Vickie might be and in one leap.  Ends up on the top of the roof where Damon is holding her prisoner.  Damon uses his powers to change her memory to believe that Stefan was the one who attacked her.  Leaving him with the option of feeding from her and using his enhanced powers to change her memory himself or allowing his secret to be revealed.  In the end, Damon whispers something unheard in her ear and Vickie wakes up not knowing where she is and saying she took some pills and was really wasted.

In the meantime, Caroline has not stopped thinking about her encounter with Damon at the coffee shop.  She sees him again at her car and in the next scene they are intimately in bed.  The show ends with Damon turning vampire and Caroline screaming.

I have to say, I personally feel like the special effects aren’t terrible.  They could be a whole lot worse.  One last thing.  They changed the name from Fell’s Church in the book to Mystic Falls in the series.  I have to say, anyone who moves to a town called Mystic Falls is asking for something creepy to happen!  Maybe they changed it because Fell’s Church sounds too similar to Dawson’s Creek.



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46 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries- Book One and Episode Two”

  1. Love book one! Haven’t seen the show yet…waiting for it on DVD.

  2. J. Kaye~ Did you feel it was better written than Twilight? I just thought it was richer and bolder. I enjoyed Twilight as a bit of escapism…but this in my opinion was honestly better.

  3. LOL! I think most all books were written better than the Twilight series. Don’t get me wrong now. I loved that series, but Meyer didn’t know a thing about editing. 😉

    honestly, when i first read twilight, i loved it. i just couldnt seem to get enough of it. but when i watched the 1st ep of vampire diaries and i was like oh my god ive got to read the books. when i was finished with the 4 books (awakening, struggle, fury and dark reunion), wich was before the 2nd episode aired, i totally forgot twilight. vd is way better. i mean, i still like twi, but c’mon. vd was 1st published in 91, so dont say the vampire diaries is the copy here. its not. and the caracters in vd are way more interesting, too. when you think about it, edward is just so perfect. stefan elena and damon? wow, they are far away from being perfect. the only thing ill have to admit is that the 5th book is sooooooo not good. as far as i’m concerned, the story ended when elena came back in dark reunion, saved everyone and said goodbye. from there the story just gets stupid and senseless. she shouldnt have returned again. but its worth it anyway. i love the books and love the series 🙂

  5. I love the vampire diaries it’s way better than twilight, i still love twilight, but vampire diaries is way better! 🙂

  6. i hate twilight and allways have.
    and when i heard this was on im like its going to b bad like twilight but im acctually hooked to vd.
    oh you guys should check out vampire knight its really good but its japanese animation and ull have to watch it in subs but i really like it wait love it.

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  8. twilight is awesome but vamp diaries is better

  9. OMFG, Stephen and Damon are GORGEOUS. Oh my god! Stephen is the sweet, sexy one. And Damon is the sexy, bad boy 😉 AH (L), i looooooove this show so much. I still like Twilight, but not as much now. VD is where it’s at ;).

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  11. wat up

  12. it so so good

  13. I adore the series but i haven’t read the books yet, are they worth buying?

  14. anna~ I liked both as well. I’m glad some people realize Vampire Diaries is NOT a copy of Twilight. It was around long before. 🙂 I do think it’s regaining fame because of Twilight, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?

    Anime Freak~ I will look into Vampire Knight

    Cassandra~ I swoon over Damon weekly. It helps that I think he is given the best lines in the show.

    nate~ s’up. Glad you like it.

    butternut~ I think they are worth buying. I enjoyed them. I reviewed the first two books and the 3rd and 4th should be up and reviewed on my blog shortly. If you look on the right hand sidebar, there is a link to my other reviews and an episode synopsis for each episode so far.

  15. hola soy

  16. lllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooo vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    thisssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooo
    damon and stephen arrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttt AND SSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXYYYYYYYYYYYY

  17. hate the series and the show
    everything about the books are sooooo predictable
    at least the Twilight series had plot twists and was interesting
    vampire diaries is just about a spoiled popular girl that gets everything she wants including guys that are vampires. so stupid

  18. there’s a boook? o.O i never knew that xD. lmao but damen is cxy ;D

  19. mn mn fotin film 😀 😀 😀


  21. Demon is so hot!!

  22. Stephen is gorgeous!!!!!!!


  23. i’love damon salvatore ♥

  24. mmm is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. stephan i sthe hot one not damon

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  27. hei dette er petunia jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg haaaaaaaaaaaaaater programet love me

  28. jaa die serie is soooo cool!
    ich liebe diese serie und schaue mir auch jede folge an!! 🙂

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  30. […] Book One~The Awakening and Season One, Episode Two ”The Night of the Comet” […]

  31. […] Book One~The Awakening and Season One, Episode Two ”The Night of the Comet” […]

  32. […] Book One~The Awakening and Season One, Episode Two ”The Night of the Comet” […]

  33. […] Book One~The Awakening and Season One, Episode Two ”The Night of the Comet” […]

  34. ich liebe diese serie und ich finde euch alle so hübsch ihr seid einfach toll ich habe noch keine folge verpasst und das werde ich auch in zukunft nicht ich liebe euch alle so

    liebe grüße vicky

  35. tja ich weiß! ich bin hübsch 😀

    auf meiner hp gibt es filme 😉 die euch bestimmt gefallen! ^^

    schaut mal rein 🙂

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  37. Twilight is brilliant I am hooked on on the vampire diaries series and have read book 3 and 4 but its stupid that Elaine died

  38. Damon is cruel and heartless because Elaina at the moment is always sexing Stefan

  39. Its soooooooooo sad that Damon killed his own uncle

  40. I know an Alana (same pronunciation, spelled differently), a Bonnie, a Margaret, and a Meredith, and they are all around the age of 17. Those are common names in the South!

  41. do you know if there are some pages that you can look at the vampairies dairirs on? I love them and hope you know of a few pages you can see it on:) hope you can answer:)

  42. omg dude im so in love with des show..i just want to knw wene douse the 3rd sesson comes out??????

  43. this is my favortite ever cause damon is soooo hot and stefan it sooooo hot too. Elena is beatiful like she has the most cutest ever and her real name is nina and stefan is Paul and finally damon is Ian.I love the vampire dairies.

  44. I love Damonn!! (l’)
    he is sooooooo cute & sexxxyyyyyyyy

  45. I love it especially when deals with vampires… well i Consider both the vampire diary and Twilight awesome.. It is like beyond imagination… i cant wait to watch Season 2 and Twilight Elipse (3). its just getting better and better….lol

  46. i love the pic with the two brothers from vampire diaries and the girl between them it is so sexy and it is a very very very very very good pic who ever made it two thumd away high for u all i am tying to say is i love yu for making the picture. ps lol

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