I’m a Lucky Wife

WeddingProgram2-main_FullMy husband, who recently decided to make his first trip to my blog, has lifted my prohibition on buying books. I am giggling as I read that back. It sounds like I’m 15 and grounded by my parents!

Allow me to rephrase. We recently purchased our first home. As I’m sure any of you who have bought a home know, this means we are now broker than broke.

We both needed to help reduce expenses. I was banned from buying books. He was banned from buying tools. We both gave up Starbucks and eating out other than our weekly pizza night with the kids.

It’s worked pretty well. We’ve made it several months now. I don’t know if it was guilt from telling me my blog name sucked yesterday, or if he was just feeling nice, but he came home with presents for me today!

I have found ways of buying books. Such as my craigslist find of about 20 books for $20. I have been trying to explain that I can’t buy certain books that I need to have. He didn’t understand the importance of challenges!!!

He came home today with; The Vampire Diaries book one and two collection by L. J. Smith, Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange, and Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Oh and a book about puppies for our youngest daughter (the big one just got a whole bunch of new books from her book order). Although Catch-22 was technically for him, I will be reading it again too. I read it so long ago I don’t remember any of it, or even if I finished it.

I put aside my copy of Scott Westerfield’s Uglies which isn’t a bad book by any means. I just wanted to read The Vampire Diaries more…at least before the next episode on Thursday. Uglies will be waiting for me when I am done.

VAMPIRE Challenge ButtonThe Vampire Diaries– I am reading as part of the challenge Amy at My Friend Amy, set up.  The series has just premiered on The CW on Thursday nights.  See my thoughts on the premiere here.

Elena, Stefan, and Damon are a part of a love triangle with a bit of a twist…Stefan and Damon are not only brothers, they are vampires, who are over 100 years old.


 mr-darcy-vampyreMr. Darcy, Vampyre~ I am reading this book as part of the Everything Austen Challenge at Stephanie’s Written Word.  I have completed 5/12 with two movies as “extra credit”.  Unfortunately only one of those 5 is a book, so I am SOOOO glad to get another book in there!!

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre starts where Pride and Prejudiceleft off.  From the excerpts I’ve read at Amanda Grange’s blog, we get a glimpse into why Mr. Darcy is so…well…umm….Mr. Darcy!  I’m excited to read this one.

Catch22_coverCatch 22~ An ultimate classic.  As I said before, I don’t remember this book, only that I had to read it.  Unfortunately, that seems to have been the case with many books I was required to read in high school.  I read them because I had to.  Retained what I needed to.  Wrote my paper or took my test and then it all went ~whoosh~ out of my brain.

I am also looking forward to reading this book when my husband is done.  Maybe I can talk him into doing a joint blog about it?!?!  Hmmmmm….I don’t see pigs flying outside my window right now…we will see.

heart mateYAY BOOKS!  OH!!!! I almost forgot.  Over at J. Kaye’s Book Blog, I was one of her lucky winners in her weekly Top Commenter Giveaways.  She will post the giveaway at a random time once a week and as a way of rewarding her top commenters, the first one or two (usually) to post will get their pick of the books off of her TBR shelf.  When she is ready, she will give the book her standard 25 pages to either hook her or not, if it makes it past 25 pages she will read it and post a review then pass the book along.  If it doesn’t make the 25 page deadline, she passes it on then.  I was lucky enough to snatch a copy of Heart Mateby Robin D. Owens, from her TBR shelf.  I don’t know a lot about this book, so I am going off of Amazon’s description, which says nothing…so I am quoting a review from Sam in Wyoming:

HeartMate won two PEARLS from the Writerspace Paranormal Romance Readers Group: one for Best Fantasy/Magical Book of 2001 and one for Best New Author of 2001, plus an Honorable Mention for Best Futuristic of 2001. Add these to the four stars that Romantic Times Magazine gave to HeartMate and this gets a five star rating for a wonderful new magical world of romance.

Rand T’Ash and Danith Mallow are two strong-willed individuals who are each struggling with their own unique magical/Psi abilities and all the ups and downs associated with being from two different social classes. Rand can’t quite understand why Danith doesn’t readily accept the love which fate has predestined for them. He must learn the hard way that love from the heart is stronger than any bond fate or magic might provide.

Nothing comes easy for the inhabitants of Celta, a trend which lends itself to more tales from this fantasy world where not everyone is capable of magic but where everyone is vulnerable to the power of love. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

I’m excited to read all of my new books!!!!



~ by jennifermorrill on September 12, 2009.

8 Responses to “I’m a Lucky Wife”

  1. Whoo hooo!!!!!!! Yay for books and yay for a new blog design and title!! Husbands are wonderful, you’ve got a great one!

  2. I love your blog’s new look/name! It’s very classy and streamlined and HOT. Umm…

    Ha! Just wanted to say happy reading! I’m going to get to Mr. Darcy, Vampyre myself one of these days…(soon, hopefully, because I’m woefully behind on the challenge!)

  3. Hi girl! You just won 2nd place in my contest. You get to pick to take home all three of these books:
    Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
    Soulstice by Simon Hold
    Break by Hannah Moskowitz
    (they’re all ARCs)

    Or.. you can choose two of those books and a $10 Borders gift card.

    Please email me your mailing address and your choices to bittahsweetharmony@yahoo.com

    Thanks and congrats!

  4. Natasha~ Why do new books make us so happy!?! And thank you. It’s a work in progress right now.

    Celia~ Thank you! He’s making me some kind of logo too…I have to figure out how to add it! I seem to have only watched movies for my challenge, so I am glad to get a book in there.

    Kristen~ YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY! I really have been wanting to read Shiver!!! Congrats on your 300+ followers.

  5. Awesome hubby…you guys really did great on cost-cutting. It’s surprising how things can add up. Look forward to your new look.

  6. yeah, I love buying books too and have had to curb my habit since my boy was born and I went back to school and quit my job! So glad yur dh is so thoughtful!

  7. Oh I remember how tough that first year was. Ugh!
    Your hubby is a sweetie! Very thoughtful and he’s helping you with your blog?! Too cool! Like the new name also.
    Have you ever considered Paperbackswap.com? Check to see if there are some books you like first before you join. Or add your 10 see what happens. I have had decent success with it.

  8. Get this…he payed the extra money for the Barnes and Noble rewards card thingy and said to me today…you need to buy some books so it was worth buying that card….huh!?!?! Who are you and what have you done with my husband?

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