The Vampire Diaries – Episode One

First aired Thursday 9/12/09 on CW

vampirediariesHmmm. The pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries aired last night on The CW. I had planned on watching it anyways, but you are hearing about it here because of Amy @ My Friend Amy who is hosting a “Vampire Diaries” challenge.

the-vampire-diaries-cast-picturePart of the challenge is reading the books and part is watching the series. I had planned on reading at least the first book before the series began, however, it didn’t work that way. I haven’t had a moment to go to the bookstore. I’m thinking I just might order it online!!

Without reading the books, I can’t say how well the series compares. I did enjoy what I saw though. I can see that many people will automatically think of Twilightand scream “rip-off”. Although I haven’t read the books, I know that they were out LOOOOONG before the Twilight saga. Besides, the way I look at it, if you like Twilight then why not let yourself like The Vampire Diaries?

A brief synopsis:

Stefan is a vampire. Much like Edward and his family in Twilight, Stefan refrains from drinking human blood. He has returned to the town of Mystic Falls, but we don’t really know why yet. He sees and is instantly drawn to Elena, who looks like a picture in Stefan’s diary.

awakeningstruggleElena is a teenage girl who has recently lost her parents in an accident. She and her troubled brother are living with their aunt, Jenna.

It turns out Stefan isn’t the only visitor to Mystic Falls. Someone or something is attacking humans. Stefan is surprised to learn that it is his brother, Damon. Damon, unlike Stefan, has an appetite for human blood.

Damon leaves one victim alive, who upon waking, tells her brother it was a vampire who attacked her. We are left at the end of the episode with a vampire who seems to be intent on doing as much damage as he can and Elena inviting Stefan into her home to get acquainted.

Overall I liked the pilot.  I think that if I had read the books, I might have understood more.  I saved the episode to watch again once I have read the books, so I can maybe see things a bit clearer.  So, my opinion, watch the series and see where it goes!  Don’t think Twilight rip-off, it is based on a book much older than Twilight.  Relax and let yourself enjoy it!  Watching the first episode made me want to read the books even more.  Thank you Amy for challenging us!




~ by jennifermorrill on September 11, 2009.

28 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries – Episode One”

  1. I didn’t read the books either but i watched and enjoyed the show! it’s a very good pilot!
    I am a Twilight fan, i don’t mind to be a fan of The Vampire Diaries too :), i don’t think it’s a Twilight rip-off, actually for me this episode is way better than Twilight the movie!
    so, both series are good! 🙂
    I can’t wait for the next episode and I’ll read the books ASAP

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I will be reading the books soon. I hear the pilot took a bit of a different turn from the book, but I can’t confirm.

    I thought that it was definately worth watching. I have to say, on an unrelated show, I watched the second episode of Glee and thought it was really cheesy. I’m sad because I thought the first episode showed so much promise. I will give it a few more espisodes before I quit watching. I hope it gets back its original charm.

  3. I didn’t see Glee, but even if something goes wrong with the vampires diaries i guess I’ll still watch it, I love vampires, can’t help it lol
    the only vampire show i really didn’t like is True Blood, i watched the first two episodes but then i just stopped, though I’m planning to read ‘Sookie Stackhouse series’.

  4. Thank you! I was trying to remember the show name for True Blood the other day when I was talking to someone. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was called. I’ve never seen it because I don’t get that channel. I was going to give it a try though.

  5. Here’s a link so you can watch/download the episodes you’ve missed! this site is great actually! you can type down any movie or series name and here it is!

  6. Thanks for the link. I tried to see if it was on my Free On Demand last night, but you had to have a subscription. I will definately check it out later today.

  7. You are welcome :), it’s a really good website, hope you enjoy it.

  8. i’m just starting to read the first book this weekend. so i can’t compare. but for what the tv series is shaping up to be i like it.

  9. My husband is scoring big brownie points this weekend. He went out and bought me The Vampire Diaries book on and two combined and Mr. Darcy Vampyre. He was trying to get Pride and Prejudice and Zombies but they were sold out!! I started it this afternoon. I set aside Scott Westerfield’s Uglies not because it was bad, I just wanted to dive right in to Vampire Diaries before next weeks episode.

    Yay! Good Husband!!!!!

  10. Good for you 😉
    I need to begin on the first book of The Vampire Diaries before next week’s episode too!! I’m stuck with The Host & The Zahir for the moment! I’ve decided to put The Host aside for now, and I’m trying to finish The Zahir ASAP, these days i really can’t get anything done! Ughhhh

  11. I so missed the V/Diaries. 😦 I’ll probably have to wait until I can get it on DVD.

  12. It looks like on the CW website they will be posting full episodes to watch online. Maybe you can catch up there?

    They aren’t posted yet, but it has a tab that says, “Full Episodes”

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  15. i love the sow sooooo much that i oas want to wot it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. i read the books and watched episod #1 and i really enjoyed it, and can’t wait until next week. 🙂

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  25. I read the books, and saw this. THERE IS SO MUCH DIFFERENCE! Now, I still like the show. But I would deffnitley suggest reading. Some things are the girl is supposed to have blonde hair, not brown. And there are tohers, but i dont want to spoil it for you. But it is all good. Plus, I read Twilight (the whole series), and I find these books so much better. And they both are alike very much, but you are right, this came before Twilight. So if anyone ripped anyone off, it would be Stephenie Meyer ripping off LC Lewis. But I still like Twiligjt.

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