Shankly…the Incredible Eating Machine

Shankly face 9 weeks

I’m amazed at how much this dog eats and how fast he grows. He has gotten so big already!


Ed and Shankly recoveryHe and Edward (my one year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) have quickly become the best of friends.









He also loves playing with my dad’s puppy Meiko (an Akita puppy).Shankly and Meiko 8wks







I know this has absolutely nothing to do with books…but I felt like sharing!

Raising Shankly has so far been a very different challenge for me.  Edward was a very calm, easy puppy.  He peed on the floor about 3 times, pooped once.  He never ate anything you didn’t want him to…well, not entirely true.  He went through a stage where he wanted to eat dirty panties from the girls laundry baskets!

"No Mom.  I didn't tear up all the paper!"

"No Mom. I didn't tear up all the paper!"

Shankly, howver, eats EVERYTHING.  Nothing is safe.  He eats wood, the trees, the legs of the table, metal chairs, the doghouse, the fireplace, shoes, paper, his bowl, my feet, my hair, Edward, birds, his own leg, pretty much anything that he can get his mouth around.  In addition, he gets the concept of pooping outside, but the peeing thing seems to elude him (thank goodness for easy-clean tile floors!).  He is getting closer.  His “accidents” usually happen next to the back door.

A typical sleeping pose...looking like he's knocked back a few!

A typical sleeping pose...looking like he's knocked back a few!

He is such a loving sweetheart though!  I’m so glad we decided to go with a Bullmastiff and get him.  He’s a great dog and is coming along pretty good.  Here is my first post about him.  Look at how much he has grown!

Okay…I’m done gushing about my puppy now.  Back to commenting on other blogs and then to read the last few chapters of Betrayed.  Look for my review soon.


~ by jennifermorrill on August 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Shankly…the Incredible Eating Machine”

  1. Oh my goodness! You have some absolutely adorable pictures of that “little pup!”

  2. Joy- he is 11 weeks as of yesterday and weighs 22lbs! He’s enormous!

  3. OMG he is sooooo cute! He is adorable. And I love the sleep picture. How could ever be mad at that face? Give him some pets for me.

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