by Cornelia Funke
Read August 2009

inkdeathcover1Grrr…my dog just jumped on my laptop and erased my entire post.  This is me trying to recall it all now…Double GRRR!

I’ve been so wrapped up in my Everything Austen Challenge and said puppy I haven’t posted about a book in a while.  This book took me a FOREVER to read. I haven’t had a book take me more than a week to read in a LOOOOOOONG time!  It wasn’t because it was bad, in fact I quite liked it. I just read really slow for some reason.  I listened to the first two as audio books.  I enjoyed the vocal performaces of Lynn Redgrave in Inkheart and Brendan Fraser in Inkspell.  Maybe that’s it, my brain wanted to hear the book not see it.

As a series, the three books are pretty dark, but this book could be considered the darkest of the three books.  A lot of fighting, death, and all around darkness.  Also, it gets a bit lengthy and long-winded in places.  Cornelia Funke has a wonderful descriptive and imaginative aspect of her writing.  Wonderfully well-thought out, however, there is such a thing as too wordy.  I guess I just thought some parts could have been shortened or edited out.  I can only imagine how hard that is for a writer!

So, on to the book!  In Inkdeath, Meggie, Resa, and Mortimer are still trapped in the Inkworld.  Farid, Fengolio, and Orpheus are also in the Inkworld.  Still mourning Dustfinger’s death, Farid has taken up work for Orpheus.  Orpheus has promised to write and read Dustfinger back into the story for Farid. 

Life and times in Ombra are rough.  Most of the men died when Cosimo led them into battle against the Adderhead in Inkspell.  Now the Adderhead has the Piper out scouting the children of Ombra for work in the silver mines.  He’s promised the women that in exchange for the Bluejay (aka Mortimer) he will leave their children alone.

Violante plays a major role in this book, and I really enjoyed finding out more about her character.  Meggie finds that the Inkworld might have another boy that makes her heart skip a beat.  Heroes are found where you would least expect them.  I wont’t say too much so I don’t spoil the surprise.  It was a change of heart I didn’t expect, but was glad for.

One thing that I found confusing in the series, that was at it’s worse in this final novel, was the multiple names for people.  Orpheus, for example, is also called, Cheeseface, Moonface, Four-Eyes, and Milkface.  Mortimer is also, the Bluejay, Silvertongue, and Mo.  It’s sometimes hard to keep them all straight.

Final thoughts…I liked the series.  I liked this book.  And….I’m glad I’m done with it!  I hope that sums it up accurately.


ISBN 978-0-439-86628-6

Copyright 2009, Chicken House, UK

Interesting thing I found on the Publishing Page; Published in Germany as Tintentod by Cecilie Dressler Verlag in 2007.  I understand why you would have a different title, but why is the author’s name different.  Surely your name is your name no matter what language the book is in!  Hrmmmmm.


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  1. Oh, I love the first book! I wasn’t too thrilled about the second, that’s why I’ve been pretty lax about picking this one up. But your review has made me want to pick it up. I definitely will, after finishing the books I’m reading right now.

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