New Books!

titheI was so lucky to win a copy of Tithe from Holly Black from the site Reading Rocks, which is now one of my favorite blogs.

Love Walked InI went e-bay searching and while I was perplexed at why people were willing to pay $7.99 for a book plus $3.99 shipping for a book you can go to your local Borders and buy for $9.99 is beyond me.  I did win one auction for the book Love Walked In by Marissa de los Santos.  It’s been on my TBR list for a while.  It’s one of those books that I like the cover of.  It reminds me of The Time Traveler’s Wife cover…which I just started seeing movie trailers for.  I’m really wondering how they are going to pull that one off.  It could potentially be a disaster.

markedsummoning[1]I also grabbed a couple of books off the sale pile at Barnes and Noble for $5 each, PLUS I got my teachers discount.  I came home with Marked, The House of Night Book #1 and The Summoning.

I also discovered e-books!  I love books.  I love to touch books, turn pages, feel them in my hands, however, I got some wild idea that I needed to read all of these classic books.  I decided that e-book versions of them would work.  I found TONS of them.  Thanks Goodreads!

Yay books!!



~ by jennifermorrill on July 25, 2009.

One Response to “New Books!”

  1. Yeah,The House of Night Series is really really good I red all of them even the new one that just came out called “Tempted” and I just now got started on “The Summoning” book so far it’s good! but I’m interested in the one you put up there “The Tithe” have to look that one up.

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