Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride

by Kate DiCamillo

illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

read May 2009

mercy watson goes for a rideMercy Watson is at it again.  My daughter absolutely loves her.  She might have replaced Olivia as her favorite pig!  The illustrations are fantastic in this book.  So colorful and full of the story.

In this adventure, Mercy and Mr. Watson go for their weekend drive.  This time, they have a stowaway.  Baby Lincoln (not a real baby…actually a grown woman) has hidden away in the backseat in search of adventure, and adventure she recieves.

Mercy decides she is done being the passenger and jumps into Mr. Watson’s lap.  Mr. Watson drives past Officer Tomiello, who is positive that there is some kind of law-breaking going on.

Meanwhile, back at the Watson house, Mrs. Watson is buttering hot toast along with a very disguntled Eugenia Lincoln.

Mr. Watson is stuck under Mercy’s weight.  He can no longer move his foot to stop the car.  Baby Lincoln precariously climbs into the front seat, buckles up, and applies the breaks.  Mr. Watson and Baby Lincoln are buckled in and stop with the car, Mercy, however, goes flying through the air.

Officer Tomiello brings the three lawbreakers home to the Watson home.  Although he is sure some tickets need to be written for some lawbreaking, but the allure of Mrs. Watson’s hot buttered toast makes his mind wander.

Another hit in the Mercy Watson series.  The next in the series is Mercy Watson Fights Crime.  We are looking forward to reading it.


Nearly forgot!  This book won a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award.



~ by jennifermorrill on May 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride”

  1. The Mercy Watson series are the only books of DiCamillo’s that I haven’t read. I saw her in LA and she was hilarious!

  2. Your boys would like the series. It’s slightly beyond my 5 year-olds reading level, but she loves listening. My 7 year-old, who can read things like Harry Potter, still picks them up for a quick read in the other room and comes back giggling. I think she has read the whole series about 3 times.

    Olivia and Mercy Watson are the best pigs ever! Hey! Did you know they have made a cartoon from Olivia?? I record it on my DVR and it is incentive for getting homework done…yes I bribe my children!

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