My Dog Rosie

by Isabelle Harper
illustrated by Barry Moser
read May 2009

my dog rosieMy daughter brought this home from the school library. It immediately brought back fond memories of Good Dog Carl by Alexandra Day, also featuring a large, loving Rottweiler “tolerating” and caring for a small child. We read those books SO many times!!! They were favorites for sure!

Funny enough, in the book My Dog Rosie the little girl reads a Good Dog Carl book to Rosie.

What struck both my daughter and I as odd was that this gigantic male rottweiler was named Rosie. Checking into it later, I found out that Rosie was short for Roosevelt and then it clicked since the other dog was Woodrow.

The little girl is “watching” Rosie for her grandfather while he works. If you look close enough, when Grandpa comes out of his studio, he is working on a book entitled My Dog Rosie. Cute!



~ by jennifermorrill on May 7, 2009.

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