Mercy Watson to the Rescue

by Kate DiCamillo

illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

Read April 2009

mercy-watson-to-the-rescueWe were so excited when we found these books at the book fair!  There are very few books like it out there.  Okay, to describe it.  It is an easy reader chapter book.  We have lots of easy readers in my house, and we have lots of chapter books.  This style is unique.  The only other books I can compare it to are the Beyer’s Stablemates Series.  First of all they are hardback and sturdy, but they are the size of a regular chapter book…maybe slightly bigger.  Second, they have short, 3-4 page chapters, each page having about 5 sentences on it.  Third, every page has a brightly colored illustration.  Fourth, the dialogue is easy and short.

How can you beat a Kate DiCamillo book for young readers!?! 

Mercy Watson is a porcine wonder, otherwise known as a pig.  She is not just a pig to Mr. and Mrs. Watson, her family.  They love and adore her as if she were a child.  Mercy even has her own bed! 

Unfortunately, in this story, Mercy is lonely in her bed and decides to join Mr. and Mrs. Watson in theirs.  The whole Watson family provides to be too much for the bed, and the floor to handle.  The Watson wake to the sound of their bed beginning to crash through to the first floor.

Mercy jumps out of bed.  While the Watson’s believe that Mercy is going to find help for them, in reality she is going to find help for that grumble in her tummy.  What better way to fill her tummy than with her favorite food, hot buttered toast.  Unfortunately for Mercy, with Mrs. Watson stuck in the bed of doom, there is no one to make toast for her.

Being a creative, and hungry pig, Mercy thinks of the next best thing.  The next door neighbor, Baby Watson, always has sugar cookies.  But, Baby Watson Lives with her sister, Eugenia.  Eugena believes that pigs should be on a farm, not in a house.  Needless to say, Mercy is not Eugenia’s favorite.

Mercy goes to Baby’s window and snuffles, snorts, and peeps through the window.  Sadly, and not surprisingly Baby wakes up and thinks it’s a monster at her window.  She screams and her sister calls the police.

In a round-a-bout sort of way, Mercy has come to the rescue.  The police are able to save the Watsons and everyone celebrates with hot buttered toast…even Eugenia Lincoln.

My daughter is in love with the Mercy Watson books.  She likes pigs already…Olivia from Ian Falconer’s books is one of her favorites.  It’s now a TV show that we have to watch daily…but it’s REALLY cute.

Here are my criticisms of this book.  I really think it’s fabulous, but I have a few complaints.  Baby Lincoln is a difficult name/concept for my little one to get.  When she hears someone or something called ‘baby’ she is expecting an actual baby.  Second, some of the words are out of place in a beginning reader.  This is much less of a complaint for me, because I think there should be a few words the child doesn’t know in a book.  That is how they increase their vocabulary.  Honestly, those are my only complaints.

My daughter thought the fact that Mercy slept in a bed and ate lots of hot buttered toast was hilarious.  The illustrations are amazing and help so much to tell the story.  The facial expressions help to convey emotions and give Mercy her distinct personality.

Now I’m in the mood for hot buttered toast!  Look for our review of book number  2 in the series, Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride coming soon!



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