goldiliciousWoo Hoo!  My daughter saw this today and was SO excited.  Goldilicious, the third book by Victoria Kann, with the little girl Pinkalicious, a girl in love with pink.

In Pinkalicious, so many pink cupcakes are consumed by the little girl (Pink), that she literally turns pink.  The only remedy is to stop eating pink things and start eating green things.

In the sequel, Purplicious, Pinkalicious is alarmed when, her classmates decide that pink is no longer “in”.  The new pink is black.  Pinkalicious just can’t bring herself to love black and not pink.  In art class she finds a new girl who is not in all black like everyone else.  She is painting her picture and it needs something….pink.  She mixes the pink in and wah-la! -purple, and Purplicious is born.

In this new book, Pinkalicious has a lovely unicorn, Goldilicious.  according to “Being Pinkalicious is pinkatastic, especially when she’s accompanied by her pet unicorn, Goldilicious. Goldie is a roller-skating, kite-flying, high-jumping unicorn who will protect Pinkalicious from the evil wizardry of her little brother, Peter. Together, Pinkalicious and Goldilicious can conquer anything!

This enchanting follow-up to the New York Times bestselling Pinkalicious and Purplicious brings to life a new and magical character that is every bit as captivating as her pinkeriffic owner. With heaps of creativity and a touch of sparkle, Goldilicious glows—from horn to toe.”

The book is due to be released in hardback on May 26th.  Here is the link to preorder the book from Amazon. 

My daughter is super-excited…I think I am a little excited too!



~ by jennifermorrill on April 27, 2009.

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