Because a Little Bug Went Ka-CHOO!

by Rosetta Stone (a.k.a Dr. Seuss)

Illustrated by Michael Firth

Read April 2009

because-a-little-bug-went-kachooThis cute little book is all about the catastrophe that ensues after a small bug’s sneeze.  It is a good book to teach cause and effect, although every ones reactions to being disrupted are anger…still a cute book.

The small bug sneezes, which causes a seed to fall on a worm, which angers the worm, who kicks a tree, which loosens a coconut, which hits a turtle on the head, who then falls in the water causing a splash, which hits a hen, who in anger kicks a bucket, which lands on Farmer Brown’s head and gets stuck, causing him to call for help, which sends out the police in a hurry, because they were in a hurry one of them hit a rock, which sends his passenger flying right through a boat, which puts a hole through the boat, which causes the boat to sink, which brings out a helicopter and a rope, which stops the boat from sinking.  Whew.  The boat needs repair so they take it to town, where they run into a circus and craziness happens that is still going on to this day. “All because a little bug went, Ka-Choo!”

One criticizm I have of this book is that it is very sporadic in rhyme.  Parts of it rhyme and other parts do not…which to me, is confusing.  Other than that I think it is a funny story that builds upon itself as you turn each page.

Another funny part to me is the end credits where they tel about the author and illustrator.  About Rosetta Stone (whom we all know to be Dr. Seuss…did the public know when it was originally produced?  I don’t know.)

Rosetta Stone

…is a multi-faceted personality whose multiple careers have coveted most of the media and much of the globe.  This is, however, Rosetta’s first book for children…at least under this particular name.




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