The Lorax

by Dr. Seuss

read March 2009

loraxThis is my mad dash to post the rest of the Dr. Seuss books I read this month.  I broke my foot and although I’ve been reading, I haven’t been posting everything right away.

So, The Lorax.  “What was the Lorax? And why was it there?”   To find out we must ask The Once-ler.

The Once-ler came to town long ago when there were fantastic Tufflula trees, tall and magnificent things with giant tufts at the top.  The Once-ler chops one down and knits a Thneed out of the tuft.

Out of the stump pops up a small brownish little man who calls himself the Lorax.  He tells the Once-ler that he speaks for the trees for they have no voices of their own.  He is very upset with the Once-ler for chopping down his tree.  He tells him that no one will have a need for the Thneed he has knitted.  Unfortunately the Lorax is proven wrong as a man comes along and purchases it from the Once-ler.

The Once-ler is overcome with greed and calls his whole family and tells them to join him and they can all become rich.  With the increased demand, the Tufflula trees begin to fall at an alarming rate.

The Lorax appears to the Once-ler again.  He tells him he speaks for the Brown Bar-ba-loots as well as the trees.  The Brown Bar-ba-loots ate the fruit of the Truffula trees and now that they were all being chopped down they had no food.  Having no choice, the Lorax sent them away so they wouldn’t starve.

The Thneed business grows larger and larger and the Lorax returns.  This time he brings with him the Swomee-Swans who once were able to sing beautiful songs but the smoke from the factory made their voices unable to sing.  The Lorax tells the Once-ler he has sent them off so they could sing their songs again.

The Lorax is still angry, he takes the Once-ler to his machines and shows them the Gluppity-Glupp and the Schloppity-Schlopp that he is polluting the pond of the Humming-Fish.  The Lorax has sent te Humming-Fish off to find freash water.

As they are talking, the last Truffula Tree is chopped down.  With no more trees, there will be no more Thneeds.  Everything leaves town.  There is nothing left.  Then, the Lorax himself, lifted himself by the seat of his pants and leaves the Once-ler on his own with nothing but his own mess and a pile of rocks with the word “UNLESS.”

The Once-ler was left to contemplate this word.  When the boy comes to hear the story of the Lorax, he realizes that UNLESS someone cares, “nothing is going to get better.”

He gives the boy the very last Truffula seed and instructs him to plant it with care and when he has grown a forest to protect it from axes in hopes that the Lorax might come back.

I know I read this book before, but I didn’t really recall it.  What a cool story if you are learning about ecology and Earth Day.  We enjoyed this book a lot.  Apparently this book and it’s film were surrounded by a bit of controversy.  Many claiming that the book was unfair to the logging industry.  There was even a book written as a ‘response’ to this one.  I kind of think the whole thing is silly, but that’s just my opinion.



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