Daisy-Head Mayzie

by Dr Seuss

read March 2009

daisyhead-mayzie-dr-seussDaisy-Head Mayzie  is another crazy Dr. Suess story that captures it’s audience with it’s absurdity.  Mayzie quite literally grows a daisy out of her head.  In an abundance of rhymes, the story of poor young Mayzie is told.

Like in many Dr. Seuss books, the main character feels out of place or somehow inadequate. Mayzie feels like no one loves her because of the daisy growing out of her head.  She is of course wrong and sees the error of the self-deprecating way of thinking.  Of course everyone loves her, daisy or not.

Another cute classic by Dr. Seuss.  I remember getting the giggles out of this book when I was 5 or so and both of my girls were giggling at the same story tonight, some 25 years later.  To me, signs of a classic story.  Also, according to my well-loved library copy, there is an animated feature based on this book.  It says it is premiering February 5th….but I’m not sure which February 5th it means.  No idea what year. 

It looks like Natasha might be my one and only entry for the March giveaway.  Click on the sidebar link if you want to give her some competition!



~ by jennifermorrill on March 16, 2009.

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