Gerald McBoing Boing

by Dr. Seuss

read March 2009

geraldmcboingboingWell when I say this is by Dr. Seuss, it is actually based upon a animated motion picture by Dr. Seuss.  This is another one I didn’t know existed.  I’m really glad I’m doing my tribute to Dr. Seuss this month.  I’ve found out so much that I didn’t know!

From the inside dust jacket:

Nearly fifty years ago, Theodor Geisel – known to the world as Dr. Seuss – met up with a friend who worked for a new animation studio called United Productions of America.  “UPA has a fresh outlook, ” the friend said.  Could Seuss write something new and different for them?  Something that had a little more going for it that the usual cats chasing mice?

“Just suppose,” Seuss came back, “there was a little kid who didn’t speak words but only weird sounds?”

And that’s how Gerald McBoing Boing came into being.  Brought to life by UPA as an animated cartoon, it attracted legions of fans and rave reviews, and it went on to win an Academy Award in 1951.  Available in book form only briefly at the time of the movie’s release, here it is again – unique, delectable, vinatage Seuss.

An Academy Award?!?  How did I not know about it?  It’s very cute and has the same values or “moral of the story” message, like many of the other Dr. Seuss books.  Gerald is born different from everyone else and soon feels shameful.  He gets picked on and ridiculed and decides to run away.  He soon finds that being different can be good.  A very charming story.  I’m going to have to try and find the movie somewhere.  Maybe my library has it. 


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~ by jennifermorrill on March 14, 2009.

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