Sector 7

by David Weisner

read March 2009

sector7Another David Weisner book with no words, only illustrations, but what gorgeous illustrations they are.  I love it when illustrations are so vivid and descriptive that you don’t need words to tell the story.

This book had humor, adventure, and mystery without having one printed word.  The story starts with a little boy going on a field trip to the Empire state building.  When he reaches the top, he is in a fog.  He realizes that the fog is in fact a cloud, and the cloud begins playing with him, stealing his hat and scarf. 

His cloud friend takes him on a flight to Sector 7, where the clouds are made and sent to different desinations.  They are given blueprints as to what they should look like, and change accordingly.  The boy gets some paper and pencils and begins drawing his own designs of clouds shaped as different sea animals.  Soon he is surrounded by an octopus cloud, a lion-fish cloud, and a whole school of fish clouds.

The workers of the factory are NOT happy.  They try to undo the damage while they send the boy back on a taxi cloud.  He soon arrives back at the Empire State Building, and just in time.  His class is getting ready to leave.  Before he gets on the elevator he sees a special surprise, his friend cloud has come back.

As the class leaves on the bus, a wonderous sight meets their eyes, a sea of fish, floating in the sky…

This 2000 Caldecott Honor book is truly a joy to share.  Weisner’s illustrations are magnificent as always.



~ by jennifermorrill on March 5, 2009.

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