by Ingrid Law

read February 2009

savvySavvy is one of the 2009 Newberry Honor books.  I put it on my list at the library, and wasn’t expecting to get it as quick as I did.  I now have Savvy, The Lucky One, The Graveyard Book, and Across Five Aprils all at once.  I started to read The Lucky One first, even though I really wanted to read Savvy first.  Once I finally got to it, I’ve been captivated.   I finished this one last night before bed.  I couldn’t put it down for the last few chapters.  I liked this book more than this years winner, The Graveyard Book.

The Beaumonts have a secret, that can sometimes be problematic, especially when it shows up on your 13th birthday.  Each of the Beaumonts gains a “Savvy” sometime on their 13th birthday.  Mib’s grandpa can literally move mountains, her mother is ‘perfect’, her brother Rocket can control electricity, and her other brother Fish can control the weather.  Mibs’ day is approaching and she has no idea what will happen.

With her mother away caring for her father, Mibs is left alone with her siblings on her birthday under the supervision of Mrs. Rosemary, the pastor’s wife.  She decides to make big plans for Mibs’ birthday despite her protests.  Then in the middle of her party, it happens, her Savvy comes.  She isn’t quite sure what it is.  She with her brother, Fish, Mrs. Rosemary’s chidren, Will Jr. and Bobbie, and Mib’s youngest brother Sampson hitch a ride on a bus headed towards Salinas, where her mother and father are.

Along the way Mibs savvy becomes more clear to her.  She begins to understand it.  A first she is disappointed, but then it helps save her brother and give he insights into the people around her.  Mibs begins to embrace her savvy.  While she is embracing hers, Fish is learning to control his.

She and her entourage have quite a trip trying to get to see her poor poppa in th hospital. 

 My daughter would have really liked this one, but I couldn’t wait for her slowness 🙂  I have a bunch to read before they are due back at the library and I have to get them read.  I will have to check this out again for her to read.  I just looked up at my library book stack; The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, A Sweet Far Thing, Ramona and Her Father, The Underneath, and The Shack.  There are two books there that are SERIOUSLY long.  One about 800pages and one about 600.  I have so many picture books I checked out as well.  Sooooooo many books.  AND I have my recent scholastic acquires.


Themes-bullying, running away, car accident, super-natural powers

Setting-modern day, mid-west United States, the Beaumonts home space created by Grandpa, Kanaska-Nebransas

Main Characters-Mibs (aka Mississippi), Fish, Rocket, Poppa, Will Jr., Bobbie (aka Roberta), Sampson, Gypsy, Miss Rosmary, Momma, Poppa, Pastor Meeks, Lester, Lill

Topic-Almost 13 year-old, Mibs (aka Mississippi) is about to come of-age, which means something special in her family.  On each of their 13th borthdays, they get their savvy, a supernatural ability.  Just before Mibs birthday her father is in a horrible accident.  She and her siblings are elft in the care of Mrs. Rosemary, the pastors wife.  Mibs desperately needs to see her father, she tries to slip onto a Bible Bus headed towards Salinas undetected, but her bothers Fish and Sampson, and the pastors children Bobbi and Will Jr. sneak on for the ride as well.  They run into some adventure along the way.


~ by jennifermorrill on March 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Savvy”

  1. Oh, I’m so happy that you liked this one! I knew you would!

  2. I really hope others read this one too. It’s such a good little read. I’ve put it back in my queue at the library for my 7 year old. I really think she will like it a lot as well. I mean…girls with superpowers…a big bus trip…PINK bibles!?!?! It doesn’t get much better than that.

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  4. […] I am actually really looking forward to book two of this series!  I would recommend this book as a nice lighthearted simple read.  I would put it in the same group as a book like Ingrid Law’s, Savvy.  Savvy is another book I absolutely loved.  You can read my review here. […]

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