The Lucky One

by Nicolas Sparks

read February 2009

theluckyoneI did it!  I read a Nicolas Sparks book.  Even more amazing, I actually liked it.  I’m not a romace/love story type person.  I have to say, watching The Notebook as a movie, totally turned me off of the books.  Too sappy, too sweet.

This book was a bit sappy and sweet, but I have to say I found the characters had a lot of depth to them.  I guess because my expectations were VERY low, it seemed fantastic. 

I enjoyed the twisted relationships between the characters, both living and dead.

This one is worth a read.


Topic: A young marine finds a photograph of a woman on the beach while on a tour of duty in Iraq.  He decides to keep the photograph and it seems to bring him luck.  He survives where he shouldn’t on several occasions.  Upon returning to the states, with nothing more than the information in the photo, he decides to find her.

Setting: Iraqi Invasion, Hampton, North Carolina.  1990’s

Characters: Elizabeth Green, Ben Clayton, Keith Clayton, Logan Thibault, Victor, Nana (Green?), Drake Green

Themes: War, split families, romance, love story, death, some light sexual content (not graphic)


~ by jennifermorrill on February 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Lucky One”

  1. I was half and half on this book. My neighborhood book club read it and I just don’t think there was enough to talk about. I’ve only read another one of his and I don’t remember what it was.

  2. I’m with you. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t my favorite either. I’m kind of put off by the whole genre. It wouldn’t have been something I would have picked out myself.

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