The Time Travelers Wife

by Audey Niffenegger

read November 2008

time_travelers_wifeI’m not sure how I ended up with this book.  Well, I mean I checked it out at the library all on my own, but I don’t know why.

I didn’t think I was going to like it at all.  At first I got too tied up in all of the dates and times and the whole thought of time travel.  I was thinking it would be cheesy like that Keanu Reeves movie.

 In this book the time travel done by Henry is more like a genetic defect.  There is no time machine, he can’t control it.  He doesn’t know where he is going or when.  To make matters worse, whenever he lands, he is completely nude and without any of the possessions he had in his current timeline.

 Henry first meets Clare when she is 6 years old.  In his own timeline he and Clare are already married and he is only 8 years older then her.  But in this first meeting he shows up as his 36 year-old self.

Clare is desperately in love with Henry, from the time when she is able to feel the emotion.  Henry however, has no idea about Clare until she finds him in his present timelime when he is 28.

Once I stoppped worrying about the timeline and what was happening when and how, I actually started enjoying the book.

 As the story unfolds, so does the romance and the plots of the story.  I actually enjoyed this WAY more than I thought I would.

Supposedly they are going to make a movie out of this, and I am wondering how they will not make Henry look like some creepy pedophile.

One of my biggest problems with the book was the excessive use of the f-word.  I’m not a prude, but sometimes it’s so unneccessary that it almost makes me blush.  I am fine with the use of language when it gives something to a character or plot.  Certain words uttered by a character, might let you know more about him…give you depth and understanding.  When it is used in the narrative, it just seems unneccessary. 

Without spoiling too much of the plot, we get a few other ‘naughty’ words, but the one that caught me off-guard was the use of the four letter c-word to describe a certain part of the female anatomy and how much it hurt after childbirth.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing the movie rendition of it.

Here is a link to the movie at IMDB.  The expected release date is sometime in 2009.


Topic: Henry has a genetic defect that allows him to travel in time.  He can’t control when or where it happens.  He meets his wife Clare when she is only 6 years-old, but he has known her for years.  The story follows the struggles that Clare and Henry face as they battle with Henry’s time travelling.

Setting: 1970’s-2000’s United States

Main Characters: Clare (Abshire)De Tamble, Henry De Tamble, Gomez, Charisse, Dr. Kendrick, Alba 

Themes: Heavy sexual content, strong language, death, infertility, age-inappropriate relationships, infidelity.


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2 Responses to “The Time Travelers Wife”

  1. Well, I know we’ve talked about this one before. I can see it right now sitting on my bookshelf. When I went to book club a couple of weeks ago, one of the girls said that this was her favorite book ever and the language was unfortunate because she had a hard time recommending it.

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