The Kite Runner

The Movie Version

Directed by Marc Fosterkite-runner-movie

“For you, a thousand times over.”

I am SO glad they left that in the movie.  It was my favorite line in the book and the movie as well.

The movie tells the same magnificent story of Amir and Hassan.  Of course, the book was waaaaaaay better, but the movie stands alone.  it was a very good movie as well and someone who hasn’t read the book, would enjoy it as well.

*******Mini Spoiler********

They left some parts out that I thought made the story of Amir and Hassan much deeper.  I think leaving out the infertility trouble that Soraya and Amir experience takes something away from the story.  They also left out a bit at the end, which I’m not going to spoil for you, that I think was integral in the relationship of Amir and Sohrab.  And if you don’t know who Sohrab is….I’m not going to tell you!

To make my long post short….the movie was good, but as usual, the book was better.



~ by jennifermorrill on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “The Kite Runner”

  1. I watched half of this movie before I had to return it to the library, then checked it out again and got to busy to watch it and had to return it again. I really, really want to finish it. What I did watch, I liked. Off to go put it on hold again . . .

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