By Victoria and Elizabeth Kann

Read January 2009

purpliciousPurplicious is the very cute sequel to Pinkalicious.  My oldest daughter is a pink-lover and we HAD to buy Pinkalicious at the book fair.  My youngest daughter is a purple-lover and saw this in the Scholastic catalog and went crazy.

It was the first of her book order that we had to read…as soon as she got home from school.  I run a daycare and we soon had all four girls I was watching today sitting around me.

The book has a great message.  All the other girls decide that ‘pink’ is no longer cool and ‘black’ is the only cool color.  Pinkalicious has everything pink, over 100 pink belongings.  She loves pink and can’t imagine her life without it.

The girls at school continue to tease her and call her names.  She is miserable and decides that she just won’t be able to like pink anymore.  Without her pink, Pinkalicious is miserable.pinkalicious

Finally, one day, Pinkalicious is back in art class and she is painting a blue cake.  She says it doesn’t look right…it needs pink.  Pinkalicious is surprised and happy.  Somone else likes pink!  She isn’t alone anymore.  She mixes up the pink with the blue and it makes a lovely shade of purple.  The girls decide it’s “Purplicious”!


New Note!  Since I’ve added this post I’m amazed at how much traffic it gets.  I wanted to post a link to the new book in the series Goldilicious, which I recently posted about.



~ by jennifermorrill on January 28, 2009.

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