by Maribeth Boelts

illustrated by Donald Wu

Read January 2009

dogerellaI usually don’t review any of the “Step-into-Reading”  or “Ready-to-Read” books that my children and I read because, quite honestly, they aren’t worth commenting on.  They are designed for young readers and have simple vocabulary and a simple story.  Usually they are re-tellings of Disney movies or characters the children are familiar with.  It is unusual that you come across an original book.

Dogerella, as I’m sure you can figure out by the title is the dog version of Cinderella.  Dogerella is a super-cute little pug with a mean stepdog-mother and two mean stepdog-sisters.

Instead of the usual prince, we have the Princess Bea.  Princess Bea has a birthday coming up and all she wants is a dog.  Her father, the king, has an idea, they will hold a ball for all the dogs in the kingdom and the princess can choose from among them and give her choice the golden bone.

Of course, Dogerella’s stepdog-mother would not let her go to the ball.  Her Fairy Dogmother appears and after several attempts and a battery change on her wand, she has Dogerella ready for the ball.  They turn a dog buscuit into a mini van and race off to the ball.

When she arrives at the palace, the guard won’t let her in.  Instead he chains her up in the royal backyard.  Inside the ball, the dogs are fighting over toys and Princess Bea is not impressed.

She runs out to the royal backyard and throws the golden bone into the pond.  Dogerella breaks her chain and retrieves the bone for the princess.  They begin a fun game of fetch.

Princess Bea finds Dogerella’s sparkly collar in the grass and wonders who it could belong to.  At that moment, Dogerella’s mean stepdog-sisters rush out claiming the collar.  Of course the only one it fits just right is Dogerella.

Dogerella and the princess are happy with each other and live happily ever after.

That review really turned into a synopsis…oops.  My daughter LOVED Dogerella because it combined two of her favorite things, dogs and princesses.  She loves the original Cinderella story and giggled at the differences between the original and this adaptation.  Since this was a level 3 book, which should mean nothing because based upon the brand you buy the levels are totally different, she could not read it herself. 

She enjoyed listening and I enjoyed reading this cute, short little story.



~ by jennifermorrill on January 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Dogerella”

  1. My daughter just got this one and loved it as well. I loved the illustrations.

  2. I loved the illustrations from the moment I saw the cover. This one was great as a reader. I like the original stories much better than the adaptations of Disney movies. My daughter loves them either way.

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