by Ian Falconer

Read November 10th, 2008 officially…and many times before and since then!

I own and adore this book.  Olivia reminds me SO much of my oldest oliviadaughter when she was younger.  Right down to the changing of the clothes and moving the cat (ours is called Noodle.)  She STILL reminds me of Olivia.

The simple black and white, with splashes of red are outstanding.  Olivia is a little pig, literally not figuratively.  She strives to be an individual. I just love this book.  I recommend it to everyone.

This book won the 2001 Caldecott Honor.  The book that one was not one of my favorites, So You Want to be President?  I LOVE Olivia and really did not like the winner.  Oh well, I’m not the one who chooses these things.

I have bought every Ian Falconer book since my first glimpse at Olivia.


~ by jennifermorrill on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “Olivia”

  1. I love spunky little Olivia!

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