Misty Of Chincoteague

Okay this is my very first ‘real’ post so be nice.  Rather than a review this is pretty much a synopsis.

Misty Of Chincoteague Book Cover
Book Cover

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Misty of Chincoteague

by Marguerite Henry

I really enjoyed re-reading this Newberry honor book with my daughter.  I read it so long ago that I vaguely remembered what happened and what it was about, but the details were fuzzy.
Paul and Maureen Beebe had a dream.  They had long witnessed Pony Penning Day and the excitement that surrounded it.  One pony on Assateague Island, just off the shore of Chincoteague where the wild ponies roamed, was the elusive Phantom.  No one had ever caught her before.
This year would be different.  This year Paul was able to go on the round-up and he was determined he would return with Phantom.
Something was different this year, the Phantom was slowed down.  Paul had her cornered, and could see a bit of mist following her.  That mist turned out to be a small little filly Paul named Misty.
To everyone’s surprise, Paul herded Phantom, with little Misty in tow towards the other horses.  They began the swim across the channel.  Everyone wondered if little Misty would be able to make the swim.  She began to struggle and without thought Paul jumps in and swims her to safety.
Paul and Maureen plan on talking to th fire chief as soon as they can to make a deal, giving them the $100 they had now and raising another $100 as soon as they could for the second horse.  The cheif was so busy and a huge storm rolled in, so they didn’t have the chance.
When Maureen arrives the next day to place a sold rope around Misty and the Phantom.  To her dismay, there is already a rope around Misty’s neck.
It turns out the man who bought Misty for his son, also bought a raffle ticket for a very pretty sorrel pony.  His son had the winning ticket and was more interested in the sorrel than scrawny little Misty.  Paul and Maureen are able to buy their dream horse, Phantom, and her foal, Misty.
They spend the next year working with Phantom and Misty, training Phantom to ride and keeping Misty out of trouble.  Phantom turned out to be quite a speedy horse.  She might be able to beat the Black Comet at the next Pony Penning Day.
Pony Penning Day is back again at last.  It’s time for the big race.  Although both Paul and Maureen want to ride the Phantom, they break a wishbone to see who wins the right.  Paul gets the bigger piece, and although Maureen is disappointed, she supports Paul.
Phantom wins the race with ease and is the next superstar.  But as the wild adult horses are being rounded up to swim back across the channel, the call of the Pied Piper rings out.  The Pied Piper was the Phantom’s stallion and Misty’s sire.  Paul sees the wild in the Phantom’s eyes.  The desire to run free again.  Paul makes a decision.  He removes his riding gear from Phantom and sets her free where she belongs.
While the Phantom is wild an a creature of Assateague Island.  Misty, as she nuzzles up to Paul and Maureen is a creature of Chincoteague.  Misty of Chincoteague.
I’ve always wondered why this book was called Misty of Chincoteague when it was mostly about the Phantom, but the book is still every bit worth reading.
The real Misty actually lived with Marguerite for 10 years before she
Misty and Marguerite

Misty and Marguerite

returned to the Beebe’s.  More information can be found about the ‘real’ Misty’s story here, including her offspring.  Marguerite Henry wrote many more books on horses, several on offspring of Misty or about Chincoteague.

This book won the Newberry Honor in 1948.
Misty (1961)

Misty (1961)

The 1961 movie adaptation, Misty, is also worth watching.  My daughter recieved the book, Breyer Model, and movie for Christmas.  She has watched the movie more times than I can count….so it must be pretty good. 🙂  Click here for the IMBD information on the movie.

                                                                      My daughter’s 
                                                                      Breyer Model
                                                                        My Daughter's Breyer Model 

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  1. Thank you so much for creating this website! It helped me a lot with my report about the book of misty of chincoteague! You have made that report a lot easier for me! Thank you so much!! 😀📖📚

  2. […] water found in the lower lying areas of the island. They became famous largly because of the book Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite […]

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