All About the Brontës Challenge

This challenge is hosted by Laura’s Reviews.
Challenge Details
1. The All About the Brontës challenge will run from January 1st to June 30, 2010. You can post a review before this date if you wish.
2. You can read a book, watch a movie, listen to an audiobook, anything Brontë related that you would like. Reading, watching, or listening to a favorite Brontë related item again for the second, third, or more time is also allowed.
3. The goal will be to read, watch, listen, to 3 to 6 (or beyond) anything Brontë items.
4. Please sign-up by posting your blog entry on the number of items and what items you would like to do for this challenge in Laura’s Mr. Linky HERE. Don’t worry, you can do different things than you have listed.
5. On January 1st (or slightly before), she will have a post on this blog where reviews of each Brontë item can be linked in.
6. Enjoy!
My Challenge List
  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
  • The Tenant of Windfell Hall by Anne Brontë
  • A movie version of Jane Eyre
  • A movie version of Wuthering Heights
  • A movie version of The Tenant of Windfell Hall

Which movie version is all going to depend on what I can get my hands on!  I will update my list as I can.


One Response to “All About the Brontës Challenge”

  1. Thanks for joining the challenge! I like your list and how you are going to read the novel and watch the movie version. I like to do that myself and compare.

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